5 Things Any Seller Can Do To Sell Their Home Fast

Stone Mountain, Georgia based real estate agency Parc & Main, LLC is reaching out to the wider community to share a blog post titled ‘5 Things Any Seller Can Do To Sell Their Home Fast.’ The agency is dedicated to helping their clients both find and sell homes easily. More information about the agency can be found at the following link: Sell My House.

Carmen Peay, owner of Parc & Main, LLC, says, “You might have heard the old saying that goes ‘Kitchens and baths sell a home.’ While that statement has some truth in it, not everyone has the time or the resources necessary to do a proper remodel of their kitchens and baths. Does that mean that they can’t sell their home? Not at all, especially considering that there are a number of things any seller can do to make sure that their property not only sells, but also sells fast.”

In the blog post on their website, the first tip shared by the real estate agency is to work with an experienced, local agent. The agency explains that to sell a house in a particular neighbourhood, one needs to know the market trends in the community. This is not an area all homeowners have a handle on. Fortunately, most if not all local real estate agents would. This means that it is very important for homeowners to get in touch with and work with experienced real estate agents to sell their property. This will help in a number of ways, but more importantly than, this will ensure that the homeowners set the right price the first time around, which will lead to a faster sale.

Parc & Main, LLC then describes a number of easy, small and cost-effective changes that can be done to reduce the time the property stays on the market. The first change is to declutter and depersonalize the space. As explained in the blog post, this will help show potential buyers the best use of space in the house. Whether it’s done professionally or by the homeowners themselves, minimizing furniture and maximizing the space around the house can let the house speak for itself.

Another small change suggested by the blog post is freshen up the house with a new coat of paint. The blog post says that painting is a very affordable way to update a home, neutralize the homeowners’ style, and create a ‘blank canvas’ for the buyer. When combining this with staging, it can go a long way in helping potential buyers look beyond the home as it is now and instead envision it as a place they could live in. The full blog post, which explains these small changes in further detail (along with more tips to sell a house) can be found at the following link: https://parcandmain.com/blog-at-parc-and-main/f/5-things-any-seller-can-do-to-sell-their-home-fast.

Paey says, “Ask anyone in the industry, and they’ll tell you that buyers will tend to judge a book by its cover. This means that any potential buyer who wants to buy your property will first take into account how good it looks. In turn, this means that the look of your house is the first thing you should update. Just by doing simple things like a fresh coat of paint on your front door or a few colorful flowers in the yard, you’ll be doing so much to increase the value of your home in the minds of any buyers. This will also ensure a positive first impression, and we all know how much first impressions matter.”

Paey adds, “As long as you pretty up your house and are willing to be flexible, you really won’t have any trouble selling your property. However, if you need some help selling your home in the Stone Mountain or the surrounding areas, feel free to get in touch with Parc & Main, LLC, and we’ll be glad to help.”

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