5-Star Reviews Becoming the Norm for Company that Specializes at Building Retaining Walls in San Diego

Unlimited Drilling & Foundations is a Sand Diego, California area company that’s known for putting extra effort into every type of service that it offers. That includes one of their specialties which is building high-quality retaining walls. This is something that has helped the company establish an excellent reputation in their area for these types of soil stabilization projects. It also has led them to receive several 5-star reviews for this type of work since they first started doing it back in 1993.

Here are some examples of what business and residential customers have had to say about this company’s retaining wall services. Mark Crowley stated, “We had a significant mudslide last winter and the repair required building an 80-foot wall across the back of our entire property. I have an office at home and was totally impressed by how hard the workers committed themselves to the job each day. They were all professional, thoughtful, and especially grateful for any treats we had for them over the 3-week period. Bottom line, they cut no corners, built an exceptional wall, were great to work with, and we're very satisfied. They know what they're doing and I highly recommend their work.” Mark Skoog proclaimed, “Our HOA hired Unlimited Drilling & Foundation for a large bank stabilization project requiring two retaining walls. We could not be happier with the final product. The scope of the project changed a couple of times due to engineering and city requirements and Joe worked with us to minimize the cost impact. Joe and his crew were very creative in dealing with the limited access to the site and working through the rainy season. I would highly recommend Unlimited Drilling & Foundation.”

A company representative stated, “We are committed to providing our customers with the absolute best possible drilling and foundation services at all times. That includes every single retaining wall project that we take on. The 5-star reviews that we receive on these projects confirm that the dedication and effort we bring to these jobs are paying off in terms of customer satisfaction. All of us here will continue to put our know-how to good use and keep working hard to give our customer’s a well-rounded experience when they contract with us to build a retaining wall for them.”

According to the company representative, a quality retaining wall job starts with planning. The managers will take a look at a job and then come up with a retaining wall design that works best for the conditions that are present. This includes selecting the type of material that the new retaining wall will be made out of. He says certain jobs go smoother and will last longer if concrete is poured in place and other times steel beam or pile pipe retaining walls. They may even choose to go with GeoGrid textile fabric in locations where landslides or mudslides have already taken place. There is a lot that goes into these types of decisions and the vast amount of retaining wall experience they bring to each down helps them make the right choice for the project.

He also pointed out that everyone from the management on down is very hands-on when it comes to their retaining wall jobs. That includes the company president, Joe Azar, who simply does not believe in signing a contract and then fading into the background. The company representative said the president is not only on the job at some time just about every day but he also refuses to subcontract out any of the work that they do. That is what helps to keep the quality of their work at a consistently high level. He added that the company has completed over 1000 projects during its existence and a large portion of these has to do with retaining walls. Unlimited Drilling & Foundations also has a solid reputation when it comes to other types of foundation repair, slope stabilization, and drainage system work.

Those that would like to know more about the company’s retaining walls San Diego services can contact them by phone, email, or by filling out and sending in the contact form that’s found on its website.


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