5 Star Review From Marret Green Heaps Praise On Kennected For LinkedIn Strategies

Kennected, a platform that specializes in lead generation for entities on LinkedIn, is extremely pleased to share a new review from Marret Green. Green, one of many self-employed or freelance individuals who have begun using the platform and its various capabilities to supercharge their outreach, is more than willing to shed light on her experience. In her video testimonial, which can be found on Kennected’s Youtube channel, she goes into some detail about the opportunities she discovered once she started using the platform to aid her efforts to connect with peers and employers in the industry.

“Hi, my name is Marret Green,” she says, “and I just want to express the gratitude that I have for this company. I had a representative contact me, Jacob Corso, and he set me up with this software. Let me tell you, it is phenomenal. I am an actress and also a hairdresser — and I use it for castings, I use it for connecting with other hairdressers and other actors and actresses and casting directors. Let me tell you something, it has really skyrocketed my castings and audition work that it’s just phenomenal."

Kennected was launched with the aim of simplifying the lead generation process and bringing new tools to businesses that would enable them to address the arduous task of reaching out to prospects in their community. As any person who has had to take on marketing will know, this is universally challenging due to the fact that only a small percentage of prospects will pay off, but a large number of people or organizations need to be contacted on a regular basis to ensure that the business in question keeps receiving an appreciable income through this avenue.

However, this is no longer the case. Devin Johnson of Kennected states, “You can join our Kennected network and have all the repetitive tasks you once hated be taken over by our intelligent system. Gone are the days where you would have to make endless cold calls and message numerous new contacts in order to secure a single good lead. Kennected will take over this task for you and automate the process flawlessly, connecting with over 100 leads a day in an engaging manner that drives up the number of prospects your business’ representatives will eventually be able to deal with one-on-one.”

The main takeaway here, he explains, is that Kennected is able to function across a broad spectrum of industries — and work just as effectively for businesses of any size. Green, for instance, is not part of a corporate structure, but she nonetheless reports that her career has seen immense growth since she began using Kennected. This is true for other individuals with similar support structure, no matter what field they work in. This is evident in the fact that Kennected’s user base includes entrepreneurs, real estate agents, home bakers and much more. The variety is truly staggering, but this only means that the platform represents a massive opportunity for virtually any type of business.

While other platforms and digital marketing agencies may focus on social media as a whole, Kennected prefers to target their efforts to LinkedIn solely because of its role as a medium for professional connections. This platform, Johnson asserts, is designed from the ground up to nurture a professional community with one goal: to do business. This makes it far less likely that time and financial resources will be spent in vain on leads that do not pan out, such as would happen on more casual social media platforms. Here, the only so-called waste is with entities that are genuinely not interested in the business’ products or services. This is helped by the fact that Kennected is able to produce personalized messages when reaching out to any single contact, making it more likely that they will want to build a relationship with the business in question.

Kennected is widely considered the best LinkedIn automation tool on the market. New clients who are yet undecided about joining the platform are welcome to visit their website and sign up for a free demo of the service. Kennected’s representatives, such as Devin Johnson, are also on hand to respond to any further inquiries.


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