5 Star Review from Andre Haykal Jr. Shows that Kennected Is Making Waves in Marketing Automation

Kennected has proudly announced that a recent review from Andre Haykal Jr. is proof that their LinkedIn lead generation tool is making waves in the marketing automation field as it is accumulating a large number of five-star reviews. Andre’s business has to do with online courses and he was amazed that the Kennected software tool has resulted in so much business for them that they now rely solely on Kennected for their marketing.

Kennected is a LinkedIn lead generation tool that can help the user obtain a steady stream of connections, prospects, appointments, and sales through the LinkedIn platform. This is what happened for Andre in just two months. Andre points out that while they had other online marketing tools like Facebook ads and similar methods, they found that Kennected was so effective that they have decided to use it as their only source of marketing leads.

Devin Johnson, CEO of Kennected, says, “We developed Kennected because we had observed that the old way of prospecting is quite tedious, slow, and requires a lot of effort. We’re talking about traditional prospecting techniques, such as networking events, cold calling and more. That is why we developed this lead generation tool. It is designed to remove all of the frustration out of prospecting. Now, you can grow your network in LinkedIn, build out what we call “sequences” and allow artificial intelligence technology help you get new, highly qualified prospects that will keep you busy and help grow your revenue.”

Kennected may actually be used to replace the old prospecting techniques of cold calling and attending various networking events. While the conventional prospecting methods may actually work on LinkedIn, marketers would need to spend a lot of time on it because it requires a lot of hard work. Such time could be better spent on other more important revenue-generating tasks. Kennected allows the automation of lead generation through the LinkedIn platform, which means that it will continue working even while the client is busy with something else or on vacation. This particular lead generation software may actually help the business owner and marketers save a lot of effort, time, and money.

Kennected is already integrated with Anymailfinder, FindThatLead, Hunter.io, and more. This means that users would be able to look for emails right within the LinkedIn interface, allowing clients to make the necessary finetuning of their Hubspot by using key information. The Kennected dashboard also enables them to monitor an outreach approach and then manage it with the insights gleaned from the tool. It can provide information that will allow the marketers and business owners to make smarter decisions for their marketing campaigns.

Users of Kennected will simply need to specify their dream prospects. With this lead generation automation tool, is also possible to have several marketing campaigns running simultaneously. Users can also easily add new campaigns at any time. They can also easily modify ongoing campaigns. This tool can also allow users to examine the responses from users, monitor profiles, and keep track of ongoing conversations under the Responses tab.

This LinkedIn lead generation tool allows Kennected users to send connection requests and then follow-up the response to these requests automatically. It allows these requests not to sent in bulk to simulate manual sending of requests, in order to prevent the requests from being considered as spam. It can also be adjusted in such a way that it will automatically send follow-ups only up to a certain number of times, until a response has been received. This will prevent the continuous sending of follow-ups to people who are not really interested.

Meanwhile, they have also recently introduced Cloud Kennect, which is a cloud-based version of the lead generation tool, instead of the original Chrome-based version. It is a full-version of Kennected, which means that it has all of the features discussed above.

People who would like to know more about the Kennected lead generation software and learn how it works may want to visit the Kennected website.


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