360 Managed Services Offers Managed Cloud Backups and Indoor Digital Signage and Other Services in Relaunched Website

360 Managed Services, a company based in Marianna, FL, has relaunched their website to include all of the services they have been providing historically plus managed cloud backups and digital indoor signage. Indoor digital signage provides a great way for businesses to advertise to potential customers, inform customers, and improve customers’ experience. The new digital displays being offered have been observed to be very attractive to people and businesses are loving them. Meanwhile, with the increasing popularity of cloud based storage, managed cloud backup services have also become in demand. More information about the services offered by 360 Managed Services can be found at 360msp.com.

Digital signage offers digital indoor advertising, which is believed to be the future of indoor advertising. This is a thriving industry that is growing at a rapid rate. This is because digital signs are engaging and offer a cost-effective way of boosting sales and awareness. With digital signs, businesses can take advantage of technology. For instance, they can have an interactive digital sign that allows shoppers to check a particular store’s inventory, inquire about a particular size, or request for assistance. Digital signs may also present reviews about certain products, such as clothing, shoes, and other similar items. Or they can be used to show celebrities wearing or using certain products.

360 Managed Services is a provider of professional IT services and technology consulting. The company has its roots in the provision of hardware support, from the building of complete systems from scratch , including laptop and desktop computer repair. They also provide virus and spyware removal services, although their focus is on defense rather than on recovery. Meanwhile, they also provide a data recovery and backup plan and they have tier 1 partners for backup services who are focused on the security and reliability of the data.

And for businesses that need help with their networks, network engineers from 360 Managed Services have all kinds of experiences, from secure small networks to the building of huge global networks for international projects. And with the whole world apparently headed into the clouds, they offer assistance to businesses in moving their storage and systems to the clouds at a pace they are comfortable with. Their managed cloud services are based on the leading cloud technologies that offer access to an easily scalable, highly available, and cost effective cloud computing platform. People can learn more about the services offered by 360 Managed Services by visiting their Facebook page at https://facebook.com/360mspcloud.

Another important issue where 360 Managed Services can help is cyber security. They can help a company identify their weakest points and implement those security strategies that are most suitable for the business and their budget.

For businesses that are struggling with their IT management, managed service providers like 360 Managed Services, can deliver the technical expertise that small businesses are in need of at a much lower cost compared to hiring in-house IT staff. This is the reason that almost 70 percent of small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) in the United States are working with an IT service provider for some of their IT requirements.

360 Managed Services will be partnering with businesses in providing IT services that enable the business. For instance, they offer assistance to organizations on how to move their systems to a cloud-based platform where all the software and data for the enterprise reside in the cloud. This requires a cloud-based storage for keeping critical business data for granular data restore and compliance with data retention needs and strategies. Backups of critical data in the cloud are encrypted and then stored in data centers for protection and easy recovery in cases when a disaster occurs and affects the business data in the cloud. 360 Managed Services will work closely with the business in order to determine the proper balance of backup retention protocols in order to meet the specific needs of the company and the industry while ensuring that the cost of backup is acceptable for the organization.

Those who are interested in learning more about the services provided by 360 Managed Services can check out their website at 360msp.com/services, or contact them on the phone or through email. They are open from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.


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