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Ontario, CA based 2nd Chance Investment Group LLC is pleased to share that house sellers in Riverside may now utilize the company's bespoke house buying services. 2nd Chance specializes in giving sellers many more options than they would typically see with conventional real estate companies and agents. Sellers who want a fair cash offer for their property and a hassle-free transaction are welcome to contact the company’s representatives today to get started.

One of the major benefits of working with 2nd Chance is the fact that they do not charge high commissions or require payment for steep rates. Adding to this, the company explains that many of their customers are people who have to sell their property fast in order to address an unexpected financial emergency. 2nd Chance does not believe in taking advantage of anyone, especially those who are already in debt or have other pressing obligations to deal with. 2nd Chance prides themselves on helping people in financial difficulty and can even buy the property and rent it back at a much lower rate. Furthermore, it can be deferred for 12 months to allow the homeowner time to get out of debt.

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2nd Chance clarifies that sellers will not be obligated to take the company’s offer once it is made. Since their goal is to help their community wherever possible, the team may even direct sellers to other services or resources if they believe the alternative would make a better fit for the seller’s needs.

From the moment a seller contacts the company, their team gets to work. Very little is required on the seller’s part — all they have to do is submit a few details on the property, such as its condition, age, location and so on. Notably, 2nd Chance Investment Group is ready and willing to buy a house in virtually any condition, so sellers do not have to make any additional investments raising the property’s curb appeal or even committing necessary repairs. The company will purchase homes regardless of their condition. Customers should note that the company may carry out an in-person inspection of the property, but this too can be done entirely on the seller’s timeline. They can inform the company of a time and date that respects their own schedule for the inspection to take place, and 2nd Chance will dispatch a team as requested.

As a result of this expedited process, sellers may expect a fair cash offer from 2nd Chance’s team in as few as seven days. This is very different from other types of sales, such as with a real estate agent’s assistance — which may take several months and numerous fees to conclude. If a house is being sold because the owner needs a quick injection of cash to handle an emergency, this is far from ideal. Fortunately, this is not an issue when they choose to work with 2nd Chance. In some cases, customers may wish for the transaction to take place as quickly as possible. If so, 2nd Chance can often be on the premises to conduct their inspection in as few as 24 hours.

Regarding their bespoke experience and guarantee of a hassle-free sale, the company explains that their team will even go so far as to take care of the associated paperwork. Similarly, where sellers may be wary of buyers who express interest only to back out of the sale later on, 2nd Chance maintains an expense account for such transactions that they can access at any time. In practice, this means that they are ready to commit to a purchase from the moment they make an offer for the property in question.

“Ray and his team are truly amazing,” shares a 5-Star review from Jami D. that was posted to the company’s Google profile. “They purchased a property from me that no one else was interested in dealing with. They walked me through everything. They were extremely forthcoming and honest about all aspects of the transaction. I feel like I was extremely lucky to have found them. I can’t think of words that would do them justice. I can only say that I have been blessed in finding them.”

Further details regarding the company and their various services can be found on their official website. Alternatively, sellers are welcome to reach out to Ray Foster of 2nd Chance Investment Group to discuss their options. Read further here: We Buy Houses Riverside.


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