27 Jazz Paintings Video Just Released By Jazz Vocalist/Painter Judi Silvano

Judi Silvano is both a jazz singer and painter who travels through space and time conjuring up both traditional and creative vocal sounds and images.

Ms. Silvano is thrilled to release this new video and says, “I have been drawn to movement in dance and music all my life. I was also surrounded by visual arts and I still feel the excitement of sharing expressions of the human spirit in all ways. I am working during these COVID-19 days to focus on the strong connections we all share as citizens of the world and to open the heart space to social issues that need to be elevated after generations of hate, abuse, and fear.”

In Silvano’s 40 plus years as a consistent force in the music world, the artist has revisited a childhood passion for painting and re-invented herself creating a large body of artwork.

Watercolors, oils, mixed media, encaustics, and acrylics have all been explored by the singer’s creative hand. Judi Silvano has an Etsy store here www.etsy.com/shop/JudiSilvanoArtnCards.

Vocalist/Painter Judi Silvano

As a musician and vocalist, with experience performing in live concerts and musical events, the images portrayed ultimately reached the canvas via memorable moments with musical cohorts.

A former dancer, Silvano also explores dancers in the works created and movement enters the painters brush through music when painting while live music is being created in real-time.

This combination of music and live performance, where Ms. Silvano is both the performer and painter, brings a new and dynamic energy to the rather small contingent of artists who “paint the music.”

COVID 19 has confined musical artists to Zoom concerts, Facebook Live concerts, and through other multiple shared applications. Excerpts from one of these concerts are included in this new video.

Broadcast “live” on the “Connection Works” Facebook page, the video includes images of Silvano painting and collaborating vocally with Grammy Winner Tenor Saxophonist Joe Lovano.

Silvano has co-led both musical and art excursions with this genre and here with this new video documents the collaboration with Joe Lovano on saxophone and gongs, while Ms. Silvano creates a new painting interspersed with vocal improvisation.

With a mix of still photographs of Silvano’s paintings, footage of the singer walking through a garden and live footage from a recent live mixed-media concert broadcast over the internet with longtime colleague Joe Lovano, the result is a unique presentation of Silvano’s multiple paintings along with the artists’ music.

The title of the video is “LIVING ROOM,” a composition written by Abbey Lincoln and Max Roach recorded by Silvano on the 1992 recording called “DANCING VOICES” released on JSL Records.

In the recording, Ms. Silvano is joined by Salvatore Bonafede on piano, Scott Lee on bass, Jeff Hirshfield on drums, and Joe Lovano on Tenor Saxophone.

A bright orange watercolor of Ms. Lincoln transmits the energetic brilliance Lincoln’s music communicates.

Silvano includes a dedication to the transformative songwriter and remarks that Ms. Lincoln was and still is, a powerful force who “has inspired my musical and artistic creativity. It seems only right, during this time of social struggle for equal rights, to bring Ms. Lincoln’s talents as a songwriter to a wider audience who may also be inspired by her spirit and want to learn more about her.”

There are 27 paintings in this video. Each one depicting a musician, dancer, or a musical symbol. The soundtrack is the complete recording of “LIVING ROOM” as recorded by Ms. Silvano in 1992 on JSL Records.

Images of the beloved creators and colleagues that Silvano has spent musical time with contributed to the artwork. These include Sheila Jordan, Dewey Redman, Joe Lovano, Jaco Pastorius, McCoy Tyner, Joey Baron, Marilyn Crispell, Michael Abene, Abbey Lincoln, Jack DeJohnette, and Francesca Correa among others.

Judi Silvano continues to paint, collaborate, and perform with musicians in multiple genres.

Recent endeavors include producing a series of Music and Dance Videos set to Silvano’s vocal improvisations with guitarist Bruce Arnold in collaboration with videographer Michal Shapiro. Soon to be released, the new series features dancers Maria Mitchell and Hilary Brown. Judi Silvano can be reached at www.judisilvano.com.

Judi’s music is available on Amazon, and www.judisilvano.com/music.

Judi’s paintings are available for viewing and contact if interested at www.judisilvano.com/paintings.


Judi’s Plein Air paintings done around the world, are available at http://pleinair.store/judi-silvano.html.


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