2021 Hayling Island Music Festival Set To Kick Off In July

The England based Hayling Lions are pleased to announce that Hi Fest will be held on Hayling Island in the UK, from the 23rd to the 25th of July. Hi Fest is a charitable music festival that aims to build support for local charities, such as the Hayling Lions, whose contributions during the pandemic have already proved to be invaluable to the community at large. Attendees should note that all COVID-19 guidelines that will be in effect on these dates should be adhered to over the duration of this free event.

Following recent announcements that pandemic-related restrictions would be eased in the region, Hi Fest has officially been given the green light. The event has only grown in popularity since its inception, and organisers expect that many will take this opportunity to show their support for the Hayling Lions (the nominated Festival Charity) and their work as well as have a chance to take in some of the best music available among their fellows. In order to accommodate all those who want to take part in Hi Fest, organisers have been in talks with various venues that are ideally placed to stage this event, including The Lifeboat, The Hayling Billy, Pebble Beach, The Olive Leaf and so on. Other venues are likely to be announced in the weeks leading up to Hi Fest as well, and those interested in attending are welcome to follow the event on their preferred social media platforms to stay abreast of all announcements. The Friends of Hi Fest Facebook page is one such platform that attendees may refer to for all relevant information.

Hi-Fest 2021 raising money for Hayling Lions

The Hayling Lions have already begun fundraising for Hayling COVID-19 support efforts by donating £1,000 to the fund. Similarly to Hi Fest 2019, Hayling Lions members will mingle with attendees and be ready to receive any donations. Should they be interested, attendees may purchase T-Shirts, wristbands and so on to both commemorate the event as well as contribute to the fund. Organisers are also quick to assure their community that there is no obligation to make any purchase in order to enjoy Hi Fest — and 100% of proceeds will be put back into the community of Hayling Island.

As has been the case in past Hi Fest events, local groups, singers and musicians from a broad spectrum of genres are taking this chance to showcase their enormous talents in front of appreciative crowds while doing their part to support the community and all associated charity efforts. In fact, organisers state that more than 70 entertainers have already expressed their eagerness to take part, complemented by a swath of local businesses looking forward to hosting these shows.

Alan Hutchinson of the Hayling Lions states, “This is a wonderful opportunity to get some live music back into our lives whilst supporting our hard pressed local pubs and businesses. Make a note of the dates in your diary!” More information regarding the performances, genres, venues and so on will be shared soon through the event’s official channels, so attendees are encouraged to keep checking as the event approaches if they are looking for a specific experience during Hi Fest. The artists who have already pledged to make an appearance include The Lightning Slingers, The Southsea Skiffle Orchestra, Fool Moon, Lee Ainsley's Blues Storm, Mary Red, The Islanders, The Dead Authors and so on. A full list of artists can be found on the official Hi Fest website, and this list will be updated as more sign on.

Pink Floyd fans in particular have a great time to look forward to since The Wall Of Floyd will be putting on an excellent show of their own at the Community Center on Friday 23rd, July. Notably, however, this part of Hi Fest is a ticketed event, and only a limited number of tickets are available for purchase at the Community Center. Those quick enough to get their tickets may expect an evening experiencing the sound of Pink Floyd in all its splendour, complete with a fully fledged light show and modern audio technology. Those who cannot attend this special section of Hi Fest need not worry, fortunately, since many of the other artists signing up to attend are Hi Fest regulars who have already won adoration and admiration alike over the course of previous shows.


More information regarding the Hayling Island Music Festival can be found on the official Hi Fest website and social media platforms. Derek Gillard of the Hayling Lions may be reached for further details as well.


For more information about Hayling Lions, contact the company here:

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