10X Ecom Brings '10ˣ' Results With SEO For Its Clients In 2021, Plans Expansion

10X Ecom, an E-commerce SEO agency based out of Pakistan has been consistently delivering exceptional search engine optimization results for its clients throughout 2021. The company recently announced that it plans to expand its operations to the UAE to attract clients from the Middle East.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought along with it a dramatic change in online spending habits as most people were forced to practice social distancing by staying indoors during state-enforced lockdowns. This created a huge surge in online shopping as people substituted their retail shopping time with hours spent browsing through online catalogs of a wide range of personal and household items such as clothing, appliances, technology products, knick-knacks, and more.

Usman Aqeel

This dramatic shift in consumer behavior compelled traditional retailers to take a hard look at their business model and bolster their online search presence to attract clients who now choose to spend their money in a more intimate setting from the comfort of their own homes. This sea change has also equally affected businesses that were already focused on an online-first strategy as they now have even more reason to double down on creating an inviting and efficient website experience that keeps visitors on their websites for longer in hopes of selling more products and services.

Usman Aqeel, CEO, and Founder of 10X Ecom talks about the importance of SEO in today’s competitive online landscape by saying, “You have to go where the audience is. Businesses need to identify the avenues that are bringing them online traffic and then optimize those channels to make sure the audience they are attracting is being hooked on to the products that it is offering. At a time when customer acquisition costs through marketing opportunities such as PPC advertising are sky-high, businesses need a holistic SEO strategy that ensures continuous traffic in the long run. If you are an E-commerce business owner and you have no strategy for getting organic traffic through Google, give 10X Ecom a call. One consultation with us and you will find out what makes us one of the fastest-growing E-commerce SEO agencies in South East Asia and the perfect match to supercharge your business and prepare it for the new online paradigm.”

10X Ecom primarily works with eCommerce brands and its clientele consists of both local and international clients. One of the agency’s major international clients is Bookpal, a wholesale books provider in the USA. After enlisting the agency’s services, Bookpal went from 300 organic visitors to 4,500 visitors on their website, which equates to a growth of 1400% in 12 months.

10X Ecom has also partnered with an auto repair business that recently raised $18 million in funding. 10X Ecom helped take the auto repair business from being nowhere in Google search results to rank on page 1 for some of its desired target keywords. Locally, the company has experience working with notable brands such as J., Almirah, ECS, Interwood, Naheed, and many more.

In addition, 10X Ecom has recently announced that it has plans to expand its operations to the UAE. The company is looking to set up a ground presence in Dubai to attract E-commerce clients from the UAE & Middle East, as well as, hire local talent. When asked about the reasoning behind the plans for expansion to the UAE, Usman says, “Given a successful past year at 10X Ecom, we are looking to expand our clientele to the Middle East. I believe that it is still an untapped market with tremendous growth potential when it comes to E-commerce SEO services.”

10X Ecom provides specialized services to leading 6, 7 & 8 figure E-commerce brands in the field of search engine optimization and search engine marketing, primarily in Google. The company prides itself on operating with a 100% fully remote team that is managed through tried and true work processes to remain efficiently connected as well as profusely productive at all times.


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