Why U.S. Self Storage is ranked the #1 self storage marketplace in America

The COVID-19 pandemic has kept people at home for extended periods, and storage of excess items has become a major issue for both households and businesses.

Working from home has become a paradigm that has put extra pressure on living spaces. Storing excess household items is an emerging trend, according to Google's keyword data reports.

People utilize storage solutions for domestic and commercial purposes, decluttering their houses to create more space, and storing excess inventory, relocating or downsizing businesses.

U.S. Self Storage is ranked #1 in this space, as they connect customers with the best self-storage facilities in America through an online marketplace that compares unit sizes, availability and price. Simply enter your zip code into U.S. Storage Units' comparison shopping network and search for an appropriate business, personal, car or boat storage unit. You'll likely find hundreds in your area, and after selecting the ideal unit, the website allows you to book it online or by phone.


U.S. Self Storage is the top option for self-storage because of its large number of facilities right across the country. With more than 2 million storage units nationwide, you are sure to find a well-priced, appropriate storage unit in your area.

U.S. Self Storage offers climate-controlled facilities for futons, furniture, pictures, musical instruments and other belongings susceptible to environmental issues such as excessive moisture, dryness, cold and heat.

No matter where you live in America, U.S. Self Storage has a unit to protect your treasures.

Mica Smith
Senior Journalist

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