Vision Security: helping companies protect their people, property and assets

As the demand for robust security defense grows, the market for hi-tech security has exploded, as has the number of available solutions. High-quality security ensures the safety of the people, property and assets that are critical to a company's day-to-day operations.

Vision Security is Australia's most technically advanced security provider. It thoroughly examines the needs and budgets of its clients before designing innovative solutions.

Cheap and poorly designed technology increases liability costs and creates production and service problems. Vision Security's guiding premise is that investing in high-quality technology pays off in the long-term.

"It's built to last, does the job properly, and can also reduce your operational and OH&S costs too," said a Vision Security spokesperson.

The company's services include Security Management Systems, Intruder Detection, CCTV Systems and Access Control. Vision Security combines its security strategies and products into a single, powerful system that is more effective and efficient. And when they install a security system, they ensure the positioning and placements are optimised to provide maximum protection.

With 50-years' experience in the industry and first-rate suppliers, businesses can expect high-quality results when dealing with Vision Security. St George Hospital, Sutherland Hospital and the Sydney Trains Rail Operations Centre are just some of the businesses protected by Vision Security.

"Exceptionally professional and friendly team of experts. Been using Vision now in our building for at least 17 years and they never disappoint," one testimonial reads.

Vision Security's cutting-edge technology and tailored customer service has the company well on the way to becoming Australia's leading security company.

Baden Bower

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