Garnering 10,000 new members in just 5 days is record-breaking for unleashed platinum, a unique NFT poised to grow this year.

Last week, Unleashed Platinum got over 10,000 members on Discord, Twitter, and its other social media handles right after opening its VIP whitelist.

One of the things that made Unleashed Platinum viral is that it is one of the first high fashion galleries in the metaverse that will be doing public exhibitions and wearables in the real world.

They also have a lifetime Unleashed discount mobile app that has never been done before.

This project brings together a number of well-known producers to develop real and never-before-seen NFTs on the Ethereum network. Every NFT has 3D graphics and high collectibility thanks to different angles, facial expressions, poses, and fashion elements.

The most active members of their community are rewarded generously with prestigious gold and diamond brooches (UP) in a full set worth $100,000, as well as other special gifts.

As an Unleashed Platinum member, you'll get real-world experience as well as a 30% discount on its Unleashed discount app, which has a variety of merchants to select from.

Unleashed Platinum's goal is to become the crypto art world's "face of high fashion."

To become a part of their metaverse, you can also join their discord.

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