Top Keynote Speaker Arishma Singh Announced Her Upcoming Book Launch in 2022

Author Arishma Singh announced that she would be launching her new book titled "The Respected Salesperson". To be released in late 2022 and is available for pre-registration now, the book explores the mindset of achieving sustainable success without compromising the emotional wellbeing of high performing sales professionals.

Dr. Peta Stapleton, Associate Professor at Bond University, commented on the book:

"The Respected Salesperson suggests a truth for us all--that we are all in relationships and, whether we think it or not, we are all in sales. Arishma elegantly weaves her own sales story throughout the book as she offers profound insights and, more importantly, practical techniques for us to thrive. Whether you are in traditional sales or just engaging every day in social transactions, this book is a goldmine of treasures to enhance those relationships. This is worth your time."

Singh stated that sales is much more complex than number crunching, reading scripts, or having coffee with clients.

"For too long, we have seen sales as something external to us. As salespeople, we spend enormous amounts of time honing our skills and figuring out how to close effectively so we get more "yeses" from clients. This is what we think will make us good salespeople," she said.

"And to some extent, it is. But, in only focusing on external work, we do not give ourselves the opportunity to realise our real potential. You can see this in top athletes, performers, and artists. They don't just ace their external game. They also become masters of the complex inner game that truly underpins their performance. This book is to enable sales professionals to change their minds and rewrite the sales stereotypes before they head out to influence, negotiate and ultimately change buying behaviour," Singh explained.

Arishma aims to teach salespeople to believe in themselves and to develop a passion that stems from the basics of self-respect. She shares her success blueprint with proven methodologies, strategies, and entertaining personal anecdotes from her own life, client case studies and interviews.

The book includes the "THRIVE Methodology," interactive exercises and a sales persona quiz to provide an immersive learning experience for the reader. It also covers the five most common mistakes that salespeople make in their careers, as well as how to transition away from the stress, anxiety and pressure of a sales role.

Arishma is an international keynote speaker and an award winning sales professional. She is well known for having more than 20 years industry experience as a corporate professional, having worked with reputable brands worldwide, including Nielsen, American Express, People Scout, Google Australia,, Pivot Software and Experian.

As an Edupreneur and an accredited Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner, her focus has been to educate and entertain her audience through her talks at leading startup events, corporate seminars, interviews, podcasts, etc.

Arishma Singh

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