Top 3 Industries to Invest in 2022 - Chase Sabina Picks 3 Industries that have Adapted to the Post-COVID World

The world witnessed intense market volatility across most industries following the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. However, as mass vaccination picks up, with more than 65% of the population in the US fully vaccinated, businesses start to reopen, and the market gained traction. The Hinterland Group Director of Strategy, Chase Sabina shares which industries are likely to recover fast and make a comeback in the post-COVID world.

As the founder of the management consulting agency turned private equity firm, Sabina's chosen industries are naturally and heavily rooted in data and market trends. He not only conducts analyses on the market, but he studies companies closely to ensure higher returns on the firm's investments.

The Hospitality Industry

With complete vaccinations and herd immunity underway, community quarantine and social distancing protocols are becoming lax. Sabina believes it's only a matter of time before people start to dine out and travel again, in the same way they did prior to Covid. Having been locked up inside their homes for a very long time, he expects an influx of consumers and travellers crowding hotels and restaurants.

Sabina's foresight resulted in The Hinterland Group's partnership with a PE firm investing tens of millions of dollars into the middle market in the midwest and building infrastructures in rapidly growing communities and cities in the area. The firm owns a number of companies, touching several industries, including real estate, hospitality, and private airlines. As a partner, The Hinterland Group spearheads all marketing programs in each company. Sabina and his team also function as analysts reviewing projects, checking market trends, producing content, and assisting in internal brand management.

Traditional Retail and Consumer Products

It's not just the hospitality industry that suffered massive losses. Traditional retailers also lost billions of dollars. The pandemic changed consumer behavior and purchasing patterns. Many consumers lost their jobs and redirected their available funds to essential items. However, since businesses are making a comeback, many have gained employment. Once again, consumers are eager to spend their income in brick-and-mortar stores. Sabina believes that companies with high-value growth make sound investments in the post-COVID world.

Media and Entertainment

The pandemic has forced businesses to be more creative and innovative. Most companies that survived market volatility were the ones that were quick to adapt to the new normal. One such example is the entertainment and production company that partnered with The Hinterland Group, Gratwick Enterprises. Through crowdfunding, the company seeks to decentralize the entertainment industry and prove that high-quality content is possible at a fraction of the current costs.

Sabina believes this strategy sets up the company for greater and broader reach. Subscribers of the Gratwick platform will have access to content from TV shows, movies, e-sports, and podcasts.

Thriving in a post-COVID world

The coronavirus pandemic may have changed the market, but some businesses and industries have a way of weathering the storms. A few are even coming out stronger than pre-pandemic.

For Sabina, the real challenge is to pick out which businesses have the potential to thrive in the post-COVID world. Armed with experiences in market research and trends analyses, identifying these businesses won't be a problem for him and his firm, The Hinterland Group.

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