To Give Life to the Next Generation of Customer Returns, Refurb Giant Officially Rebrands as Back in the Box

Having demonstrated unparalleled expertise in the field of refurbishment and resale, ADN Global takes its refurbishing prowess into the next dimension as Back in the Box.

"We have grown tremendously over the years, and so has the way we do business. The Back in the Box brand will allow us to spread our wings and showcase our strengths in this space," says Jack Hazan, VP of Business Development.

"We are committed to offering our partners and customers a better, easier solution based service that makes it possible for them to grow faster using the system we provide."

Hazan also added that what sets them apart is their ability to be nimble in product lines while also maintaining a deep understanding of the products themselves.

"We have a tightly controlled distribution strategy, preventing the secondary life of premium units to dilute the markets of your primary retail brand."

"Back in the Box is also disrupting traditional refurb structures by paying for Tier 1 Brand returns upfront," adds Hazan.

The company has also acknowledged that their offering has grown to offer services that will improve the way businesses reach out to potential customers.

Back in the Box buys excess inventory from businesses and pays them in cash. Then, using their 15 years of industry experience, they sell it in carefully selected secondary markets, maintaining their clients' brand equity and bottom line without disrupting their current sales channels.

Back in the Box has more than 150 employees and 1-million devices refurbished from unprocessed returns, and there are few who can match this level of capability. Other players in the space typically operate on a revenue-sharing model and their sales strategies are naturally lax.

Today, a strong brand is more important than ever to compete in a global marketplace. Companies will need to update their branding to reflect changes in the market or in the company itself. The Back in the box comprehensive rebrand includes a new logo and a better, simpler solution-based service that allows them to grow faster by implementing automation.

Back in the Box was founded in 2017 and is the leading provider of refurbished device production and direct to consumer retail.

Learn more about Back in the Box here.

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