Tiktok influencer Celine Tran is taking the platform by storm with her fun and educational content

Pet lovers are in for a treat when they check out the @celinetails account on TikTok. Owned by California-based content creator and pet influencer Celine Tran, the TikTok account with over 1 million followers is one of the most popular pet-themed accounts on the platform.

Celine's TikTok account experienced exponential growth in 2021 after posting a few videos that showcased her dogs. Tran's most trending video was her process in preparing her dogs' breakfast which reached more than 60 million views. Her followers love her content that revolves around the proper pet diet at home, the suitable treats and toys to give, and the overall unconditional bond she shares with each one of her 17 pets, particularly Draco, her Doberman.

As a veterinary technician, Tran is confident in the information she shares on her platform. She promotes the idea that taking care of pets is a specific lifestyle and not a mere pastime or a way to gain instant online fame. She reiterates that anything health-related should be the number one priority of any pet owner, but it does not stop there - along with the routine trips to the vet and the proper nutritional maintenance, preventive care is also a must. This includes noting down the best exercises for them and the necessary home requirements to live their best lives.

Tran's relevant work experience paved the way for her insightful and credible content on TikTok. Even the simplest things like the best type of plate to use for a dog who eats too fast and the kinds of supplements they should have, which not a lot of pet owners actively think about, are all considered in the videos she creates. Through her content, she also emphasises the importance of having the time, patience, space, and money to care for pets properly. According to her, besides having the resources, the best way to practise proper pet care is by doing extensive research. She shares,"Although I do have a lot of pets, I know how to properly care for each one and I have done extensive research to do so."

With all of her incredible content, the fast, meteoric growth of her @celinetails TikTok account is not surprising. Follow her and her pets living their best lives through her official social media links.

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