Three reasons to make Bosco App your parental control app of choice

Modern-day technology requires modern-day parenting. Now that technology is a part of a child's daily routine, old-style restrictions are becoming less effective.

Bosco App revolves around a "protect, predict, prevent" philosophy that allows children to explore their online interests online freely but safely.

Bosco's powerful features can detect a wide range of alarming situations and send immediate notifications direct to a parent's device. These include possible offensive messages and inappropriate content, as well as other features like an SOS widget, alerts for downloads of new or risky apps, and an alert with a location if the child's device battery drops below 15%.

1. Guidance, not control

Acknowledging that having mobile devices and consuming digital content is inevitable, Bosco encourages a more holistic approach for parents to keep their children safe online. A less restrictive method of ensuring online safety can help foster more open communication between parent and child.

2. More than just data

Bosco App goes beyond merely presenting facts and data. Its powerful AI provides smart and personal insights that help parents know what's really going on. Data is guaranteed accurate and reliable through Bosco's proprietary three-layer algorithm that takes into account differences in culture, age, gender and each user's unique behavioural traits. These algorithms continuously learn and improve, and with the help of the app's advanced data analytics, threats that may have previously gone unnoticed can now be identified.

3. Unique mood recognition through voice detection

Bosco's most innovative and revolutionary feature is its ability to recognize moods through its exclusive voice recognition process. It is the only parental control app that does this. The sensitive yet non-invasive tool analyzes changes in tone during a phone call conversation. The voice profiles created by the AI mean the technology can adapt to keep up with a child's complex voiceprint and inform parents of shifts in moods without invasive questioning.

Unrivalled privacy and security

Bosco App's servers and databases are protected with SSL encryption and all sensitive data is further encrypted. No personal information from the child's device is stored after analysis or shared third party sites.

You can download Bosco App on the App Store and Google Play. Learn more at

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