This is why WorkSocial is the finest coworking space in 2022

The coworking space industry is growing by leaps and bounds, averaging 23% annual growth since 2010. With pandemic restrictions finally easing and people looking to break free from the work from home grind, this growth seems permanent. As such, WorkSocial is emerging as the leading brand in this space. With their innovative and affordable coworking solutions, WorkSocial is the premium choice for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

WorkSocial is the most well-known flexible office space provider, with locations in Jersey City, NJ, Manhattan and numerous partner l ovations throughout the US. Its spaces feature a startup vibe and atmosphere, active, energized and more mature than some of its competitors.

WorkSocial takes pride in adhering to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, which promote long-term top-line growth, talent retention, cost reductions and consumer trust. They have broad initiatives to conserve energy, reduce waste, improve working conditions and enforce ethical business practices, among other things.

Additionally, the company's operations are aligned with programs that benefit the environment, employees, local communities and shareholders.

"We want to create environments where people and businesses come together and do their best work. We are constantly reimagining how the workspace can help everyone be more motivated, productive and happy," said WorkSocial founder Natasha Mohan.

Natasha said that the company's mission is to help their community find purpose in everything they do. "We build a space that humanizes people's workday - a space that brings happiness back to work," added Mohan.

Aside from building a community of productive and happy people, WorkSocial can quickly configure a space to fit the particular needs and vision of a business, making it one of the more flexible options in an already flexible industry.

The company's services include providing private offices, dedicated desks, hot desks, meeting rooms, board rooms, training and regeneration rooms. Other features include high-speed internet access, healthy food and drinks, office supplies, technology support and more.

"We provide a range of cutting-edge technology to our clients, including 24/7 technical assistance and high-speed internet connection from DE-CIX and CISCO Meraki. Our clients have the full authority to have custom network solutions," said a spokesperson.

With hundreds of customers in the country, WorkSocial is proud of its skilled and friendly team, one of the key factors that have earned the company so many happy, satisfied clients.

WorkSocial is a minority and female-owned and managed company that places importance on social equity. Their team is 95 percent female, ethnically diverse, and on a weekly basis bands together to feed the local community at the St Joseph's Homeless Shelter in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Jeremy Smith
Senior Journalist

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