This 11-year-old artist is set to break the NFT world in the cutest way

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have existed since 2014, with artists, internet gurus, and professionals making up most of the creators. Who'd have thought that children could be a part of the NFT world too?

They are creative and they mint. Some of them are already making as much money as their parents do. Meet sisters Gayathri and Vaishnavi, the 11 and 3-year-old siblings that are about to take over the NFT industry and the first kid artist NFT collection with staking rewards, membership benefits, merchandise, and much more.

These young artists are not your ordinary creators. Prodigies Gayathri and Vaishnavi are based in Canada and have been creating fun NFTs with the help, of course, of their grandma.

The birth of Kidthereum

There are four kinds of Pocket Pals- Domestic Pals, Wild Pals, Air Pals, and Aqua Pals. These Pocket Pals are supernatural beings with different traits and colors that signify something about the NFT owner. They are not just your cute and colorful animals, but they are also your personal assistants, just like in the ancient scrolls where early humans had animals as companions that worked alongside them.

These Pocket Pals boost three important things in your life: positive energy, happiness, and good luck.

On the other hand, the next Kidthereum collection- Fabled Friends are elite club members' exclusive collection that will be pre-mint in December 2022, the third one after a quarter, with plans for a metaverse.

Kidthereum's Genesis collection- Pocket Pals is trying for the first time, the native ERC-20 token "PAWS", designed with an in-built buy/sell tax function, 80% of the royalty is said to be given back to the community for the ongoing value. Making it the most desirable NFT collection, especially during the bear market.

How is Kidthereum now?

Being one of the fastest growing NFT community, this highly anticipated NFT project is now running its phase-2 whitelisting process. You can learn more about the tokenomics from their genesis collection- Pocket Pals website: https:///, while the information about Kidthereum's vision and mission are found at

Since the start of this project, Kidthereum has already had a hundred potential users wanting to invest in this NFT. Get in early for the next big NFT that could disrupt the NFT space.

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