The Top Fragrance Brands of 2022 (And Why The Dua Brand is Number One)

Picking out a new perfume to spray on the daily can be daunting. There are a ton of different brands and scents to choose from that men and women alike do not know where to start. People can either go for a unique scent from the closest brick-and-mortar store or for a famous fragrance from a luxurious perfume brand. For those who want to take it a little further, they can scour the internet for what their favourite celebrity or personality uses.

To save people time (and money), here is a list of the top fragrance brands of 2022. Some of these are household names, while some are brands you may not have heard of. Either way, these companies are producing the best selection of scents this year.


Dossier's perfumes are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, paraben and phthalate-free, and colorant and UV-filter free -- so you can smell amazing without compromising on your wellness. With Dossier's completely risk-free process, order (and sample) your fragrances of choice and return whatever you don't love for a full refund.

ALT. Fragrances

Its developed fragrances are based on some of the most iconic perfumes and colognes. 90% of its ingredients are the same as the big-name brands; in fact, the only thing that's not near-identical is the cost. With prices slashed to more affordable levels, people can select their favourite fragrance, without restriction


Scentbird is a luxury fragrance subscription service that sends members a 30-day supply of a designer fragrance of their choice for $15.95/month. This brand is about the fun and magic of fragrance. They designed Scentbird for the pickiest girl- or boy- to let users date luxury perfumes before marrying them.

The Dua Brand

For new and masterfully mixed scents at affordable prices, The Dua Brand is the best choice. This fragrance house composes unique blends to continue building on their 1000+ perfume collection that is separated into Originals, Inspirations, Hybrids, Tribrids, and Quadrids. The Dua Brand's handcrafted fragrances are created with natural ingredients harvested from around the world. All of which undergo meticulous quality control by The Dua Brand specialists to bring people one-of-a-kind scents in every product.

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