The Thinning Line Between NFTs, Comics, and Animated Features: New NFT-inspired Animation to Air in July

Many people ask what makes an NFT special and how on earth is there only ONE unique NFT if anyone can take a simple screenshot. The answer is the Blockchain.

What is the Blockchain? Simply put, it's a distributed AI accountant that requires ENORMOUS amounts of computing power to function effectively, it is used by NFTs to award ownership certificates and record transactions. It's essentially one big ledger system that can be accessed and read by all. Accepting the argument for blockchain technology necessitates a step back to an impossibly abstract level, then a zoom down into the incredibly minute.

Every transaction between two parties is based on trust: I trust that you are giving me the item I'm paying for, and we both believe that the (relatively) absolute worth of the currency I'm handing you will allow it to be exchanged for other items.

Blockchain professes to eliminate this trust: it uses a distributed ledger that anyone can verify to record our transaction; it employs an algorithm to ensure that every registered copy is identical. It allocates tokens that may be assigned a value to each transaction.

Creators around the world are producing incredible artwork for NFT projects but where many projects fall short in the NFT community is providing "utility" for its holders. Armen Tamzarian, the creator of Blockchain Bandicoot recognized that utility and a community-inspired NFT project is worth its weight in gold (or digital gold in this case). In addition to its amazing NFTs, Blockchain Bandicoot provides merchandise, immersive comics, and an animated feature film in 2024. Blockchain Bandicoot is dedicated to giving back to its community through Crypto prizes, real world gifts and a 36 month $10,000 Element challenge.

Here's a bit of background: Blockchain Bandicoots defend the Blockchain universe. Despite this, a terrible evil known as KORRUPTION has begun to corrupt the Guardians across their world, leading to the creation of KORRUPTED BANDICOOTS.

Kobe, a trainee Guardian, gets attacked by a KORRUPTED BANDICOOT on his first day of training but is saved by Devon and Kari, two Blockchain Developers from the real world.

A hoard of KORRUPTED BANDICOOTS appear and surround the group. Devon swiftly copies Kobe's code but causes a glitch on the Blockchain; to their surprise 5,000 Blockchain Bandicoots were born that day.

Armen Tamzarian, the creator of Blockchain Bandicoot, is also advertising the animated version of his fantastic comic Blockchain Bandicoot. The Motion Comic Blockchain Bandicoot will be released in July for the world to watch and enjoy.

Usually with NFT projects, creators promise to deliver certain utilities or entertainment after their project has sold out; what Blockchain Bandicoot has done is provide a lot of that utility UPFRONT. Blockchain Bandicoot is an incredible story that can be read online via their website; the online flip-book is fun to use and the artwork is absolutely incredible.

Armen has listed that everyone who mints a Blockchain Bandicoot NFT will receive a physical copy of the comic book Blockchain Bandicoot as well as a free Blockchain Bandicoot Items NFT which provides more utility to its holders such as Crypto Prizes, Posters, Clothing, NFTs and much more.

You be the judge, Blockchain Bandicoot is more than just an NFT. Will you be ready?

Blockchain Bandicoot

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