The Science of Recruitment(TM) - the Purple Patch Consulting revolution

Purple Patch Consulting is driven by the idea that "getting the right people in your business is integral to its growth and expansion."

Purple Patch's scientific approach, including embracing failure into a feedback loop in order to generate improvement, has led to newer, higher, best-practice standards that are the envy of the recruitment consultancy industry.

This approach has enabled Purple Patch to create services they can pivot in the light of real-time, data-driven results.

Managing Director, Tom Hitchcock, is a key opinion leader in the recruitment industry. Purple Patch Consulting operates in line with his vision of "changing the perception of the recruitment industry for the better, for good, for all", and to achieve its mission of "making every day count to positively impact at least one person's life."

By pushing boundaries, Purple Patch Consulting "challenges old systems and opens up a world of opportunities" for SMEs across all industries.

Purple Patch Consulting goes beyond conventional recruitment norms to adapt to the ever-changing talent acquisition landscape. They have learned from the common failures of the industry and provide effective and cutting-edge services to both clients and applicants.

Of their many industry innovations, one of the most revolutionary is the Purple Patch Consulting trademark Omni Recruitment(TM) service. This involves - in part - the constant research and testing of new alternatives to CVs and a deep analysis of how people cope with 'healthy stress'.

Their ingenious methods make them the top choice for recruitment consultancy services in Australia. Businesses no longer need to decide "Shall we go to an agency or not?"

Now they simply say, "When we go to Purple Patch, what service shall we use?"

The team's passion has also garnered positive feedback from many clients, including Dylan Schiffers, who said: "Purple Patch Consulting is thorough, professional and efficient! As a manager of a team of 160, I hire a lot of people, but when I needed help in recruiting for a certain position, PPC was quick to react. Shortly after, they introduced me to a very strong candidate, who ended up joining my team. At the moment (six months later), she is still here and is a top performer. I highly recommend Purple Patch Consulting."

Another testimonial raved about the company's unique methods:"Purple Patch Consulting is a recruitment firm that practises a scientific approach to recruitment and provides heartfelt service. The Managing Director has great empathy, which results in a positive candidate experience. Thank you PPC."

Purple Patch Consulting

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