The rise of Anthony Lakkis in Digital Marketing

After earning more than a decade of experience in marketing and business development from several large companies, Anthony Lakkis has progressed to become the Founder and Marketing Director of HighNote.

Lakkis has the willingness and unequivocal commitment to take on challenges and surpass them using a strategic mind. He has a strong background in business development, account management and customer service.

He launched his brainchild in 2019 as a tool for reaching out and helping businesses generate more leads and sales through several digital channels. Under his leadership, the team has successfully managed more than 120 campaigns, generating more than $15 million in revenue.

According to Lakkis, the key factor to HighNote's success is building long-term partnerships with businesses. Professional solid relationships aside, his colleagues believe his knack for building and developing new businesses across different digital platforms has paved the way for HighNote's accomplishments.

Harnessing the power of online platforms to cut through the competition, Lakkis hopes to see a 300% increase in online sales of business clients. It appears that the company is on its way to gradually accomplishing this goal. His work with an international food and beverage chain resulted in more than 70,000 app downloads and a 30% increase in sales during the campaign period.

His belief in the potential of electronic and digital processes is also evident in the structure and composition of his team. Lakkis manages eight digital experts from different countries to implement and execute all their clients' marketing strategies. He has effectively overcome barriers that come with a company composed of individuals from other geographic locations.

Educated and trained to grow businesses, Lakkis earned his bachelor of commerce degree from the University of Melbourne and a diploma of global business studies from the University of Southern California. Peers and partners highly commend him for his skills in market research, business needs analysis and customer service.

HighNote's digital marketing solutions include pay-per-click campaigns, SEO, social media campaigns and web and app development.

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