The new personal care line Ola Gold Beauty offers the perfect solution for the melanin community to nourish their skin

All products from Ola Gold Beauty are natural, vegan, and melanin approved Minnesota, US / Ola Gold Beauty, a US-based personal care/skincare company, announces a new personal care line of products that are all-natural, vegan, chemical free, sulfate free and cruelty-free. All products from Ola Gold Beauty are designed for the melanin community, offering a perfect solution for skin nourishment and hydration.

"Our products use high quality ingredients that will do more than just provide your skin with temporary moisture. Our ingredients are formulated to penetrate deep into the skin providing it with extra nutrients and added protection that the skin needs," says Daisha, CEO of Ola Gold Beauty.

"They offer the perfect combination for hydration, skin repair and nourishment with the right mix of ingredients. Their products are not overloaded with artificial ingredients, The word ola in Yoruba means wealth and like gold, the melanin skin is very valuable, lustrous and attractive in color. Which is why they believe not only is it important to feed your skin with natural herbs and ingredients, it's very much necessary." The spokesperson said that their goal is to encourage the melanin community to treat their skin with products designed especially for them.

Ola Gold Beauty products provide care for all skin concerns, such as sensitive skin, skin brightening and smoothing. The company genuinely believes in providing targeted care according to skin concerns and offers multiple bundle sets focusing on different skin concerns. The bundle sets, ranging from orange to green to yellow to pink, are carefully curated to address specific skin concerns and needs. Each deluxe bundle comes with all-natural body milk, organic body butter, hydrating glow oil, moisturizing butter scrub, soothing milk bath soak and the sea moss infused milk bar soap aimed to naturally moisturize, smooth the skin and treat your skin specific skin concerns. The regular bundle just comes with body milk, glow oil and body butter.

"At Ola Gold Beauty, we understand how important it is to nourish the skin with the right products to achieve everlasting results," CEO says.

"The different series bundles have been crafted to provide ease to our customers looking for specific solutions according to their skin concern."

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Daisha Collins
Ola Gold Beauty

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