The Makings of a Great NFT Community Featuring Blockchain Bandicoot

Given the novelty of this type of investment, communities of enthusiasm and support play a significant role in the NFT market. Each community has distinct features (such as exclusivity), but what makes a community truly powerful, and how can you build a prosperous NFT community?

Before we answer the question, let's analyze the fascinating background stories of these NFTs, with Blockchain Bandicoots as a prime example.

New to the market, Blockchain Bandicoot offers not just outstanding NFTs but also merchandising and immersive comics, and a fully animated feature film in 2024.

Blockchain Bandicoots guard the cosmos of Blockchain. Despite this, a horrible evil known as KORRUPTION has begun to Korrupt the Guardians throughout their planet, culminating in the development of KORRUPTED BANDICOOTS.

On his way to his first day of work, Kobe, a trainee Guardian, is attacked by a KORRUPTED BANDICOOT, to his amazement he's saved by Devon and Kari, two Blockchain Developers from the real world.

A hoard of KORRUPTED BANDICOOTS appear and surround the group. Devon swiftly copies Kobe's code but causes a glitch on the Blockchain; to their surprise, 5,000 Blockchain Bandicoots were born that day.

Each Bandicoot has a unique Element Symbol (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Ether). This produces numerous playable games with their NFTs, adding a unique collectors element to the project. For instance, for matching set games you could win if your wallet has various element symbols such as 3 Fire Bandicoots and 2 Water Bandicoots. Blockchain Bandicoot has listed in its Roadmap that there will be a 36 month $10,000 Element Challenge. Collect the proper Elements in your wallet and you could win!

Now, how does this relate to creating an exceptional NFT community?

It is crucial to develop a vision and plan for your NFT project objectives. Therefore, this is its foundation; choose your specialty to set your business and its ideas apart from the competitors. The size of the community will depend on the scope of the effort, but there cannot be a community without the support of individuals for your ideas. Successful NFT efforts go beyond art; they concentrate on appealing to a particular demographic and evoking a certain atmosphere.

Blockchain Bandicoot is here, and it is here to deliver to its community in BIG ways. It's a project that is dedicated to giving back to its community through Crypto Prizes, real world gifts, free NFTs, a 36 month $10,000 giveaway, an epic story that can be followed in its Comic Book and eventually a fully animated series, and so much more.

With Blockchain Bandicoot the list goes on; it's way more than just an NFT. Check it out for yourselves and you be the judge.

Blockchain Bandicoot

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