The Hinterland Group Management - Outlook for 2022

When Founder and Director for Strategy, Chase Sabina, established The Hinterland Group in 2017, his initial objective was to build a creative agency that fully utilizes his experience and expertise as a former brand photographer and influencer.

Not long after starting his agency, startups and large companies that benefited from Sabina's proficiency in creative ad campaigns turned to him for advice regarding their marketing content. During this time, The Hinterland Group transitioned from a creative agency to a corporate management consulting firm, negotiating and closing contracts as retainers for several startups, private equity firms, and Fortune 500 publicly traded companies. For a while, it worked for Sabina and his team.

When Covid-19 hit globally, Sabina decided to take a step back and reevaluate his company's business model and assess how to allocate their time, energy, and resources appropriately. This proved to be the right decision for Sabina. While most companies struggled to stay afloat during the financial crisis brought by the pandemic, Sabina decided to leave behind the traditional brick and mortar model of a management consulting firm and transition his agency into a venture capital firm.

The Hinterland Group's new business model allows Sabina to invest capital into partner companies to ensure their growth. He set up contracts with partners that stipulated deferred payments, equity, and board seats in each company. This kind of setup ensures The Hinterland Group's vision for the company is met and that the team's voice is heard and essentially gives the firm a stake in each project.

What sets The Hinterland Group apart from other firms is that it provides resources in terms of human capital for the campaigns and marketing aspect, as well as financial capital to address companies' decreased revenues due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

More than just a firm that seeks to invest and acquire equity ownership, The Hinterland Group goes beyond just the function of a venture capital firm. Sabina aims to provide Hinterland Group's partners with the necessary tools, assets, and capital.

The Hinterland Group believes that in a post-Covid-19 world, consumer-facing brands would soon experience an influx of customers eager to spend their money. Sabina expects The Hinterland Group to acquire millions of dollars in ROI. Since The Hinterland Group started its operations under the new business model, it still has its steady retainers that fund its venture capitalism and holds millions of dollars in equity from partner companies.

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