Spotlight: This acting coaching from LA is reinventing the game

Sam Stiglitz is renowned as one of Hollywood's top audition coaches. Her mission is to empower actors to make creative choices in their work, and to become successful.

Stiglitz works with top film and TV actors, music stars, athletes and social media influencers, among others. As a casting director, she has worked for some of the top studios in Los Angeles, casting for shows such as Burn Notice, Graceland, Pretty Little Liars, School of Rock, Body of Proof, as well as many feature films.

She is highly respected in the entertainment industry. Top Agents, managers, producers and directors refer their clients to her for coaching.

Every actor has their own process

Actors desperately want to land the part. So when they get a breakdown and side-notes in a script, they try to guess what casting wants.

"Stop worrying about what casting and the producer wants because you will not win that game," Stiglitz explains.

"Actors get the same vague guidelines as everybody else. They all get the same information. It is not mysterious. This is the nature of the beast. What casting wants is for you to make your own choices and show them your take on the scene."

As actors work on material, they wonder what about making the 'right' choices. This is problematic when auditioning because they want you to stay loose and be open to direction. Stiglitz inspires performers to find the freedom to make their own choices. She helps actors learn to trust themselves.

In a way, Stiglitz actually encourages actors to be wrong, because there are no 'right choices'. She wants her students to make off-the-page choices that feel authentic to them.

Casting is cheering for you to land the role

Stiglitz knows that the strict guidelines many actors follow are just arbitrary. Actors put too much emphasis on their headshot, costume, props and even the set's backdrop.

"Casting will not reject you because your headshot is facing the wrong way, or because you wear a white shirt. I want you to create your own choices that feel right to you," says Stiglitz.

The casting team is actually rooting for you every time you walk into an audition. They are hoping you are about to give a killer performance. It's not you versus them. Casting is on your side.

"Actors shouldn't stress so much about these minor things. Don't wear something wildly inappropriate and you'll be fine. Your wardrobe doesn't book the job. Your acting books the job," Stiglitz says.

Casting doesn't expect actors to have a ton of money or have a professional self-tape setup. They want actors to give an outstanding audition; one that shows their own incredible choices.

Audition Pro LA

Stiglitz founded her referral-based coaching business, Audition Pro LA, to help actors create their own process to carry them from the first audition to the first take. After six years of running Audition Pro LA, she has become one of the most sought-after acting and audition coaches in Los Angeles.

Stiglitz's clients speak very highly of her. Their glowing reviews speak of how it feels like they have worked with her for years, a testament to her easy-going nature and her passion.

Using a non-traditional acting process, Stiglitz tailors her instruction to each of her clients' individual characteristics and needs.

"There is really no one-size-fits-all process for actors. Everyone works differently. So I help actors to free themselves up and make interesting, creative choices," Stiglitz says.

Audition Pro LA offers personalized classes for every level of acting. She is craft-oriented, focusing on helping actors prepare for auditions and build successful careers in the entertainment industry.

Sam Stiglitz
Audition Pro LA

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