Sam Stiglitz: Hollywood's best-kept secret

Sam Stiglitz is widely regarded as one of the best in her field by industry professionals. She has won high praise as an acting and audition coach, and has worked with many A-list actors both privately and on set.

Bryana Salaz who played Kaylie on the Netflix Series "Team Kaylie" had this to say:

"I can easily say there is no one like Sam. You can see her passion for acting and for helping others in her work. We know we can trust Sam because she makes it OK for us to be whoever the hell we want and have a safe space to grow at our own pace in our art. I wouldn't be where I am without Sam. I look forward to every session with her because I know I'm going to come out of it an even stronger actor. Sam is simply the best."

A conservatory-trained actor herself, Stiglitz takes pride in helping actors create their best possible auditions. As a casting director, she has worked for some of the top studios in Los Angeles, casting for shows such as Burn Notice, Graceland, Pretty Little Liars, School of Rock, Body of Proof, as well as numerous feature films.

Stiglitz has found her niche in Hollywood, with top Agents and managers referring their clients to her for coaching. Former CAA Agent Max Brabant said:

"Every client I send to Sam has the best experience with her. I can always trust her to prepare our talent for any casting office scenario. Her previous experience in casting really makes her stand out as a coach as she understands the audition pitfalls and quirks to avoid when going on tape."

Follow your instincts

Sam Stiglitz grew up performing. She went to a conservatory to study musical theatre and then studied Shakespeare in the UK. After graduating, she transitioned from theatre to film and ended up in Los Angeles.

A big part of being an actor is putting yourself - and your name - out there. Stiglitz was not comfortable with that and looked for another career that would be just as creative but provide more structure. She discovered casting and fell in love with it.

"Still, something was missing. I loved actors and wanted to be even more hands-on, so I decided I would try my hand at coaching," Stiglitz says.

She founded Audition Pro LA, a referral-based coaching business that helps actors create their own process that will carry them from the first audition to the first take. Six years on, she has become one of the most sought after acting and audition coaches in Los Angeles.

Sam Stiglitz
Audition Pro LA

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