RentBridge launches Geekly Media: the smartest way to grow your business

From automating property management systems and enhancing property management marketing, RentBridge launches Geekly Media to take marketing automation to any industry.

Founders Heather and Michael Park utilised their successful property management automation campaigns and their partnerships with leading software providers to produce outstanding results across all industries equally. "Over time, word of our clients' success spread. As with every hero's journey, RentBridge responded to the call to serve industries far and wide," they shared.

Hands-off to be more hands-on

Geekly Media allows every entrepreneur to focus more on the aspects of the business that would require their full attention and capabilities. Through sophisticated sales automation solutions and intent-based digital marketing campaigns, business owners can focus on new products and services to offer, new business goals, future expansions, and business plan enhancements that could upscale their companies. As shared by Geekly Media's founders, "We want our clients to grow and scale their businesses to accomplish their dreams, and we are thrilled to be along for the ride!"

Built for the demands of a fast-paced, digital environment

Entrepreneurs who engage with Geekly Media are guaranteed to experience the kind of service that's all heart and passion. As serial entrepreneurs themselves, Geekly Media's founders know the ups and downs of starting up and maintaining a stable business. Decades of experience in automation and marketing in one of the most fast-paced industries are at Geekly Media's core.

Geekly Media offers their expertise on the following:

Hubspot services (Geekly Media is a Hubspot Diamond Partner) Sales enablement Inbound marketing Website design Knowledge base and chatbot integration Search engine optimisation

The marketing automation agency also provides guided DIY services where entrepreneurs can learn more about digital marketing by exploring curated content and engaging in a do-it-yourself marketing training within the 'Geekosphere library'.

Geekly Media's successful, passion-driven, and comprehensive digital marketing campaigns garnered outstanding feedback from their clients, including the Chief Operating Officer of The Peak Group, who raved about Geekly's crew. She said, "The team at Geekly has been awesome to work with. They have top-notch talent in so many categories and have really delivered way above expectations on our projects. Our growing business has switched gears several times and they are able to roll with our changes effortlessly. We appreciate you all!"

Another client, Tim Shoultz of SMARTCAP, Inc., said, "Geekly has truly been top-notch to work with. It is rare to find a consultant who communicates well and follows through. Very happy with the outcome."

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