Real Estate Investor Abdul Siddiqi shifts focus toward emerging markets like Malaysia

Seasoned investors with diverse portfolios build wealth through different investment vehicles--stock market, bonds, and real estate. Out of the three, real estate investments seem to provide better returns in the long run without so much volatility. Historically, investors who hold on to their properties for longer periods can minimize the risk of loss. Furthermore, the real estate market has always bounced back from any financial crisis.

Case in point, after the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the real estate sector recovered in record time, faster than most industries. This is probably why the wealthy stash their money in real estate.

While there's little doubt that real estate is a great way to build and manage wealth, some discerning real estate investors are now crossing borders and targeting emerging markets, and adding international real estate properties to their portfolios.

For one, the real estate space in emerging markets offers investors more freedom and flexibility in managing property however way investors feel would most benefit them. Second, the real estate market on international soil like Malaysia provides stronger appreciation and yield potential than properties in countries with established bureaucracy. Lastly, the emerging market puts investors in a better position for negotiation because of the lack of investors.

Established real estate investor and property manager Abdul Siddiqi has seen the potential in emerging markets and isn't too afraid to jump in at the opportunity, unlike most investors. His over 16 years of experience in identifying which properties can provide the best returns allow him to defy borders and seize opportunities others wouldn't be bold enough to grab.

Abdul's stance in shifting focus towards the emerging markets results from sound judgment. His first-hand knowledge and experience in all aspects of real estate, from buying to brokering, developing, and lending, has provided him with the necessary skills and tools to make better investment decisions. To date, Abdul has managed, owned, and developed about $100 million, and he's looking to add more to his portfolio. His move toward emerging markets like Malaysia might just provide him with opportunities for exponential growth.

J-anne Evans
Senior Journalist

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