Purple Patch Consulting: The Science of Recruitment

Always at the forefront of industry innovation, Purple Patch Consulting 'employs' scientific methodology to achieve outstanding results in recruitment and talent acquisition.

"Many people think 'science' is just indisputable facts," says Tom Hitchcock, Managing Director of Purple Patch Consulting.

"But science is actually a method. It is the process of continually putting theories to the test and making advancements. It is discovering new and better ways of doing things. We have adopted the scientific method of embracing failure as a feedback loop; a constant process of trial-and-error that leads to better results and improved outcomes."

Purple Patch Consulting has created 'The Science of Recruitment' to bring this methodology to an industry that desperately needs it. Their vision is to change the perception of the recruitment industry through best practice, constant innovation and improved user experiences.

This holistic, scientific approach to talent acquisition pioneered by Purple Patch Consulting has been trademarked as 'Omni Recruitment' and is designed to address the common failures in the industry.

"The recruitment agency system as we know it is based on failure. When you look at the numbers behind the scenes, there is a distinct failure to deliver," says Hitchcock.

"Most applicants don't get the jobs - or even an interview - and a lot of the employers don't end up with the best candidates. It's an inefficient, expensive way to do business. We looked at this problem with one simple question in mind: "how do we improve this once and for all?"

Data-driven processes, every step of the way

Purple Patch Consulting provides a high delivery model for both candidates and clients. By looking at every single detail in the process and addressing areas that need improvement, the company creates a more positive experience for both parties.

Omni Recruitment(TM) is an accumulation of Purple Patch Consulting's winning services, which are centred on low-cost recruitment, an improved HR support model, targeted business consultancy services, flexible recruitment and executive search models, better assessment tools and enhanced employee value propositions.

The company is also looking at new alternatives to CVs and validating how people handle 'healthy stress' to further improve the recruitment process.

Driven by the Omni Recruitment(TM) model, along with Tom Hitchcock and his team's passion for helping SMEs, Purple Patch Consulting has become the top-of-mind recruitment consultancy service for businesses in Australia.

Purple Patch Consulting

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