Property Daddy NYC: Review 2022

Property Daddy NYC, aka Peter Mclean, is a real estate specialist providing services to both buyers and sellers in New York. Peter can help sellers get their homes ready and up on the market in a month, while buyers are assured they will be shown the best homes available and get a great deal.

Peter has lived in New York City for more than 25 years and he knows the city like the back of his hand. Before he found his calling in real estate, he owned and operated a music label. His career change proved to be another huge success.

In 2021, Peter experienced extraordinary growth. Property Daddy NYC joined forces with Corcoran, New York's #1 agency, while Peter himself has been ranked the #1 luxury real estate agent by Review Rumble last year.

Property Daddy NYC has a five-star rating on Google and glowing testimonials on his website. One particularly effusive client noted:

"Peter is an amazing agent. Throughout every stage of the process, he was there to help in any way he could. It was great having him as our advocate as my wife and I navigated buying our first home."

In addition to his exceptional talent as an agent, McLean has aced the marketing aspect of his business. Property Daddy NYC's tagline "Daddy Knows Best" is an example of his top-notch marketing. He also gives branded masks to his clients during property tours. He launched a Property Daddy theme song, a 'Daddy Knows Best' vlog, and his Instagram page is true real estate porn, with more than 20k followers.

The only way is up for Property Daddy NYC as people look for a great real estate agent to help them find their dream homes.

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