ProjectStarter: The next big thing in the DeFi world

ProjectStarter is a unique crypto project that stands out from similar projects because of its groundbreaking release plans and its determination to make NFTs and token pre-sales accessible to investors. The company is headquartered in Singapore, nestled in a very cozy 3 storey tech office and the founders are all known and verified, setting this company apart from other launchpads that hide behind a veil of secrecy.

Set for a spectacular 2022, ProjectStarter has some thrilling developments in store for its members.

"We are the world's first crypto hub with a full and stackable ecosystem with real-world utilisation for our holders," says Gary Liu, Chief Strategic Officer.

Its "PulSaR Crypto Hub" environment has already drawn a large number of crypto enthusiasts due to the multiple real world utilities that it provides to token holders.

"Our token can be used for more than just staking for access to IDO presales. It can also be used in a multifaceted ecosystem that is supported by three solid utility pillars," Liu adds.

The first pillar of the project is "Wealth Accumulation," which offers a high yield return on investment of 20 to 50% in its stable coin.

The second pillar includes "Crypto Commerce," which features the first fiat-enabled NFT marketplace as well as a 3D Art Gallery with HNI NFT Art Pieces.

"Our third pillar is 'Lifestyle & Entertainment,' which includes free access to unique travel privileges and invitations to events organised by our team and strategic partners," says Liu.

More about ProjectStarter

ProjectStarter is the world's first crypto launchpad, founded and operated by a crypto-savvy team in Singapore.

The platform's tech development and marketing teams have experience in establishing, promoting, and expanding digital and crypto-related enterprises. The management team is also aided by a team of business and strategic advisors.

The hype surrounding ProjectStarter has grown in recent weeks as several media sites have begun covering their innovative projects, including their "Utility Pillars."

In a recent post, the project team expressed their gratitude to the people supporting their token. They said that while ProjectStarter has not announced the official release dates of these projects, they will keep fans informed via their social media sites.

This year promises myriad crypto initiatives, and ProjectStarter's Crypto Launchpad and Utility Pillars will put them at the front and centre of this exciting trend.

Furthermore their token PSR has not been subjected to the pitfalls of the recent Terra Luna fiasco. Their tokenomics is regulated and well-designed, the smart contracts tested, and the parameters well-managed so that their protocol can maintain stability at the expense of capital efficiency (through over-collateralization).



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