Private Equity Business Development Turns to Marketing for Competitive Advantage

Competition ten years ago in the private equity space wasn't nearly as intense as it is now. Firms didn't need fully-functioning websites and other marketing campaigns. They were primarily reactive and were just waiting for deals to come to them and close. Those things were a thing of the past. And, as more firms see how tight the competition is today, they began hiring business development professionals.

In the past, private equities relied heavily on capital and operations to source and close deals. This is no longer the case, as these factors have been greatly commodified. It appears that, today, digital marketing plays the single most influential differentiator among private equities. Unfortunately, less than 5% of lower middle-market funding sponsors have invested in the basics of digital marketing, and business development professionals are the ones pushing for it, and with good reason. According to the 2021 Ernst & Young report, more dollars are raised, and more private equity groups are created annually worldwide, driving the market into hyper-competition.

The coronavirus pandemic also changed the way private equities conducted business relationships. As travel bans and social distancing protocols limited events and face-to-face meetings, firms needed to get creative and explore relationship development with businesses via marketing strategies. Now, to keep their competitive advantage, private equity firms have to be media companies as well.

The way the private equity space has played out in the past couple of years provided The Hinterland Group Founder and Director for Strategy Chase Sabina the perfect opportunity to thrive in a highly-competitive, marketing-driven industry.

Sabina's previous work as an influencer, brand photographer, and marketing consultant has given him the necessary skills to successfully market his own private equity firm -The Hinterland Group. His experiences have taught him to connect with his audience organically, moving them through the sales process effectively and efficiently. He employs the same concept to his private equity firm and has always seen marketing as an essential facet of business development.

Associated Press

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