Popular Twitch Streamer RealzBlueWater shares how game streaming has helped him build a healthy community for the young generation

Game streaming hasn't been around that very long, yet gamers all over the world find it difficult to imagine the internet without video streaming live services and platforms like Twitch. The global game streaming market industry is expected to be valued at $3.5 billion by 2025, a 70% growth rate from 2021 to 2025.

Unsurprisingly, many tech companies and social media platforms are itching to get their hands on pieces of the pie. Tech giants like Microsoft and popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have been spending millions of dollars on game streaming in an effort to compete with the forerunner and market leader Twitch and win over millions of the millennial market. Despite the measures and the money spent, none has come close to the success of the video live streaming giant. Currently, Twitch controls more than three-quarters of the American and European markets.

The platform has become so integral to the lifestyle of many gamers that some have criticized it for its alleged impact on the lives of teenagers and young adults. However, studies have shown that Twitch might be providing more benefits to the current generation than some care to acknowledge. Many gamers have said that Twitch offered them pleasure, distraction, relatedness, and a sense of community, all of which help them cope during the most difficult periods of their lives. Of course, gamers admit that it depends on the content streamers put out there.

One streamer has been making waves in the Twitch community for his positive content--Ryan Blake, the gamer who goes by the name of RealzBlueWater. As one of the most respected streamers and brand ambassadors on the platform, RealzBlueWater now has more than 100,000 followers, averaging 2,000 viewers per stream session. His reach goes beyond Twitch as he's one of the few streamers who bring in new people to the site from other platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

For RealzBlueWater, the real pull of Twitch is the avenue it provides viewers and streamers to connect and be part of a community without feeling judged. On top of this, Twitch enables him to give back to his viewers using a reward system that lets them enjoy positive content, accumulate rewards, and get a chance to win gadgets. And all these come at no cost to the viewer.

Initially, RealzBlueWater started streaming on Twitch several years ago to have fun and pass the time. When the pandemic hit, he had an enormous amount of time on his hands and decided to revisit his passion for content creation and employ his marketing skills and background in streaming. Since then, his channel has grown immensely and has become a meeting ground for people from different locations, demographics, and cultural backgrounds.

When asked what motivates him to keep streaming, RealzBlueWater responded, "the opportunity to create positive coverage on content and give back to the viewers through Twitch's reward system." One international viewer named "Leth" has had snacks delivered to his location and was able to pick them up at his local store in Denmark. Another viewer who expressed his appreciation for RealzBlueWater and Twitch named "Therion" won Airpods Pro and was able to claim and redeem a $500 worth of Amazon gift card. "This reward system has allowed people of all backgrounds to be able to get something of their choosing regardless of their income since this doesn't cost the viewers anything," said RealzBlueWater.

As he persists in treating his viewers to quality content and great rewards, RealzBlueWater will undoubtedly continue to amass more followers and viewers, especially with his Friday wheel spin that allows viewers to be part of the stream and get a chance to win gadgets like Airpods Pro, iPad Air, Gaming Monitors, QLED Samsung TV and more.

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