OK, but hear me out: the top podcast to change your mind

Each week, podcast host Nick Egan interviews professionals about their vision of the future - from living underground to a world without artificial wombs - with input from experts on how we might get from here, to there.

The Nick Egan Times podcast promotes critical thinking, discussion and action. With global professionals as guests, Egan creates meaningful conversations with real people telling real stories.

"My podcast provides specific enlightenment, experience, stories and exposure to information as I interview people from various professions," says Egan.

Egan takes his listeners on a sonic journey through his guests' failures and successes. Sophie Auster, Robyn Lawley, Cheat Codes, UB40, Mitch James, Damon Elliott, Hot Chelle Rae and Lumidee are all featured in recent episodes.

You know a podcast is great when it makes you realize something. Each episode of Nick Egan Times provides something for listeners to consume and contemplate. The purpose is to expose you to a knowledge you may not be aware of - a knowledge that comes from real people telling their true stories.

Nick Egan Times has generated buzz online, garnering 5-star ratings and positive reviews on Itunes and Apple Podcasts.

"Informative, encouraging, enlightening and very well done podcasts," said a satisfied listener.

Another one is below:

"I really love the content of all the episodes & everything said on the podcasts. Really impressive and well done."

Nick Egan Times is ranked in the 0.2 percent of all podcasts worldwide and has consistently been at the top of the charts for all genres and countries with specific episodes it has released.

Egan started the podcast 16 months ago from the ground up. Now, he has a massive audience of new and existing listeners, and his listening base is made up of people from all over the world.

According to Egan, the interviews on his podcast provide guests with international exposure.

It also introduces them to a market in which they may have no traction or need to gain access through interviews.

"With such a large audience," Egan continues, "I am willing to accommodate anything that will be promoted during the interview with a guest."

Nick Egan Times is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart Radio and Google Podcasts.

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