New NFTs on the Block: Blockchain Bandicoot

Early investors understood that the uniqueness of each domain name produced scarcity, which could lead to asset appreciation should the internet market expand (hint: it did). Early investors in domain names became multimillionaires, and many are doing the same with NFTs, the most recent development in digital products.

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are the most recent technological advancement in digitally native products. Over the past year, investors have committed billions of dollars to NFTs to grab the next 'domain name' windfall. In contrast to domain names, however, the technology behind NFTs is a tool that enables the production and deployment of digitally native commodities by anyone on the planet.

Today, anyone with Internet access can produce a digitally native item with only a few clicks, capturing the same value as creating a domain name. And there are as many creative options for NFTs as human imaginations can conceive, whereas the namespace of the early Internet was broad but finite.

Blockchain Bandicoot has expanded its universe of characters and narrative arcs beyond NFTs to include actual items, comics, and an anticipated fully animated film in 2024. Here's the story:

Blockchain Bandicoots are the Guardians of the Blockchain universe. A terrible villain named KORRUPTION has begun to Korrupt the Guardians throughout their planet, resulting in the creation of KORRUPTED BANDICOOTS.

When Kobe, a trainee Guardian, is on his way to his first day of work, a KORRUPTED BANDICOOT attacks him. Kobe is rescued by two real-world Blockchain Developers, Devon and Kari, to his astonishment.

The three are bombarded by a horde of KORRUPTED BANDICOOTS. Devon swiftly attempts to duplicate Kobe's code on the Blockchain and to their amazement, something malfunctions causing 5,000 Blockchain Bandicoots to be created across their world.

Okay, back to business; the easiest way to conceptualise an NFT is as a digital collectible. Most investors are acquainted with collections such as artwork, fine wine, trading cards, and antique automobiles. Typically, these assets constitute excellent investments, as their values tend to rise over time and to be uncorrelated with other investment markets. Their worth is frequently determined by two factors: their originator and their rarity. Before buying a collection, it is crucial to know who developed the item and how many were produced.

Due to the market's youth and the rapid influx of optimistic investors, the prices of certain NFTs have soared beyond all imagination. Like those of any collectibles, these valuations are highly speculative, and when markets are booming, speculation may run rampant. FOMO is a very real thing, and fear of missing out on a good NFT project can have investors regretting not jumping in early.

Blockchain Bandicoot is way more than just an NFT. We say do yourself a favour and check it out!

Blockchain Bandicoot

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