New app, Me, aims to help ease strain on rising stress levels

NEW YORK, NY, US / June 16, 2022 / The Covid -19 pandemic has significantly affected people's mental health. Despite the easing restrictions, people remain homeless, jobless, victims of the shadow pandemic of domestic violence, and those suffering severely from the mental health effects of having their lives interrupted for the past two years.

According to new figures, at least 13% of the world's population now suffers from a mental health issue directly resulting from lockdowns.

The result has been that mental health facilities are stretched to the limit, resulting in long wait times and, in some circumstances, restricted access to the appropriate type of assistance.

Recognizing the need for a fast, easy way for people to access better moods, mindfulness-and a better version of themselves-the team behind Me developed the app as a platform to help its users better their day or brighten their mood.

Me was born out of a father's (Adrian LoGiudice) desire to guide and assist his High School Senior children's anxiety and stress as they faced their final year, feeling the weight of decisions and uncertainty for the future. This sparked the idea and the need to help everyone "Be The Best Version of You," which has become his mantra.

"My two high school seniors were very anxious and apprehensive for the future," Adrian said. "I started to distribute pertinent inspirational phrases, videos, and articles to aid them and give them a daily boost. You can use positive affirmations to encourage positive life changes, motivate yourself, and boost your self-esteem."

As detailed by Psychology Today, we need to address five main areas of well-being to achieve overall Good Health. We must address Emotional, Physical, Social, Workplace, and Societal Wellbeing to be well-balanced.

Me and the team behind it have worked hard to create a well-balanced tool for a holistic approach to becoming the "Best Version Of You." The reality is that there is no quick fix, no magical tablet that can get you through life, keeping you mentally and physically at the top of your game, and it requires constant work and attention.

For its premium customers, Me allows full access to content such as beautifully-illustrated quotes supported by in-depth articles, guided meditations, motivational videos, daily facts, healthy recipes, goal setting and tracking, and motivational music playlists to get you ready for a power meeting or relax you at the end of the day, as well as Yoga and Fitness routines created in collaboration with Yoga Alliance and NASM qualified instructors.

Research indicates that low motivation is damaging both on a personal and professional level. Relationships may worsen if you lack the energy to communicate with others. Low energy makes it challenging to do essential self-care, such as exercising, eating healthily, and sleeping sufficiently, contributing to mental and physical health problems. And, of course, we could all use a dose of Me Motivation to help us get through the day.


Me is an application that provides the resources for a healthy mindset that people need to feel happy, healthy and capable of managing life's pressures.


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