Music pro Cody Patrick joins Asylum Records' A&R division

Cody Patrick has brought his extensive expertise and experience to the A&R (Artist and Repertoire) team at Warner Music Group's Asylum Records label.

Working alongside industry veterans Dallas Martin and Gabrielle Peluso, Patrick has signed artists such as Butch Dawson, Whookilledkenny, Julesthewulf, Dolo Tonight, King Green, Ladonnis and more.

"This was always my dream job," says Patrick. "As an A&R at Asylum Records, I am able to discover artists early and build their careers from the ground up. And I am fortunate to pursue a career with Asylum while still running my own marketing company."

Patrick was hired for his almost mystical ability to identify and develop a new generation of stars. He also organizes audio files for release, supervises producer agreements and oversees the recording process.

"I believe I am bringing a fresh ear - and eye - to the scene at Asylum. I have always been able to recognize talent early," says Patrick.

"I have a real ear for hit records. When I listen to a record, I think from the audience's perspective and I leave my personal thoughts behind. I do not let my personal taste determine whether or not a record is good. Even if I do not personally like an artist, I can still tell if the artist has the potential to succeed."

The music expert has also received an RIAA Gold Record Certification award for his work on Sada Baby's viral single, Whole Lotta Choppas.

Patrick is constantly listening to music. He believes this helps him learn and develop greater insight. His personal favorite is the Top 100 playlist from the year 2000.

Patrick also runs his own agency - Organic Music Marketing - which is known for digital marketing, promotion and video production.

Before joining Asylum, Patrick has assisted many pop and hip-hop artists, such as Future, Yo Gotti, T-Pain and 2 Chainz to grow their careers in the music industry. Moreover, he has directed a massive range of music videos, namely Bad & Boujee by Migos, Sassy by Rapsody, Broccoli by DRAM and Jefe by TI & Meek Mill.

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