Mintology's Unique Technology is Revolutionizing the NFT Industry

Though still a young market, the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is growing fast as more and more users opt for this type of market investment.

According to blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis, the NFT market nearly surpassed the global traditional art market last year.

NFT is a digital artwork ownership certificate. The certificates are stored on a blockchain, which is a decentralized digital ledger that cannot be altered.

Mintology, a next-generation mass-market platform for the NFT digital economy is maximizing the capability of today's technology.

However, while more users are interested in investing in NFTs, there are gas fees associated with minting which are one of the reasons some users are overpaying for transaction fees. Mintology with its unique technology has applied gasless minting.

Mintology's gasless minting allows you to mint your NFTs without having to make a transaction in the process. It reduces the barrier to entry and removes the friction of having to pay to mint an NFT, just like lazy minting. The difference is that the token you create will appear on the Ethereum blockchain right away, making it safe and decentralized.

At no additional cost, creators can manually put their one-of-a-kind items into their wallets for viewing. This allows creators to concentrate on perfecting their skills rather than worrying about petrol prices.

On both ends of the transaction, Mintology's gasless is also hassle-free and emission-free, so neither the seller nor the buyer needs to worry about the environmental effect of minting.

Mintology will also provide a full range of services to assist businesses with the launch of their NFT campaign, a fully customizable marketplace, a full range of payment options, a white-label marketplace, dedicated smart contacts, and custodial wallets.

Through Mintology a user can utilize their digital assets in different ways to advance their enterprise NFT strategy.

"I strongly believe all companies will embrace NFTs as a core strategy in their business model to engage clients in different forms. Companies are still dipping their toe in the water, we have not seen mass adoption as yet, but it is coming. I liken this to how social media started to proliferate in the business world. First companies weren't sure if they needed a Social Media Strategy, now all companies have one; it will be the same with NFTs and Mintology is positioned to be at the forefront," Solis said.

It can be used for Loyalty schemes, VIP access, brand engagement, sales promotion, ticketing, monetization, marketing promotion, royalty distribution, and many more.

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