Michael Jambrich shares how social media is changing the employment landscape

The job market has been evolving over the past decade, and the world only has digital technology to thank for. As employers shift marketing strategies and move campaigns to digital and social media platforms, employees need to level up to stay relevant and ahead of the game.

Statistics show that social media-related jobs have increased by 9% over a ten-year period. LinkedIn, the business and employment-oriented social media platform, has reported a 1257% increase in the listings of social media positions from job postings in 2010. Further, digital marketing has grown 30% faster than other positions. Employees and job seekers who stick with the traditional methods and fail to upskill are missing out on tons of opportunities. However, this all changed at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Web-Marketing-Solutions 4.0 and payingsocialmediawork.com founder Michael Jambrich, not only did the pandemic serve as a wake-up call to the workforce, but it also pushed people to explore other alternatives. And in turn, these social media jobs have helped people soldier through and survive amid the retrenchment and pay cuts because of businesses closing down.

Jambrich began his career in the online training and IT industry close to two decades ago. Despite earning a degree in IT in Vienna, Jambrich took it upon himself to complete a complex modular online workshop in 2006 to fulfill his dreams and follow his passion for online marketing. His training background gave him the certified online marketing expert title.

Though Jambrich always knew where his interests lie, the online marketing industry was too broad. He explored the industry and found his niche in social media marketing and home business. It didn't take him that long to establish a name for himself, helping B2B and B2C companies in setting up and establishing their online businesses and building the latest social media marketing strategy. Through his one on one sessions, clients were able to learn the different strategies on how they can successfully build maximum visibility, and expand their reach through social media.

Currently, Jambrich has expanded his client base by helping not just businesses but even job seekers. As a certified online marketing expert, he was quick to realize the shifting trends in social media marketing for 2022 and the transition from brick-and-mortar to digital arena. He knows there is an undeniable opportunity for job seekers in digital and social media marketing. He took it upon himself to build a team and help as many people qualify for work from home social media marketing jobs through one-on-one coaching programs. With the help of Jambrich and his team, job seekers were able to upskill to equip themselves for social media positions better. Those who have worked with Jambrich were also able to increase their knowledge, level up their expertise, and package themselves to reach employers who need their know-how the most.

One such example of a high-paying job that Jambrich helps secure for his clients comes from the 15 best social media manager jobs. The $950-a-week role entails posting premade videos on YouTube. In this type of role, travel vloggers pay ordinary YouTube users to upload their video content on their channels. These videos are recorded by the vloggers themselves, but because they maintain a fast-paced lifestyle, they have no time to upload them. They outsource such tasks to someone who knows their way around the platform.

Two of the team's star students in the training program share their experience six months into the "Best Websites for Social Media Marketing Course."

"We really enjoyed learning about social media management. We like to be able to work online while we travel. The training provides everything you need to know and the team has connections with lots of employers so you can start work straight away."

"I joined payingsocialmediawork.com after hearing about it on Facebook, and it's the best investment I've made in a long time. I started my first job only a week after joining, and now over half of my income comes from social media jobs. The training is excellent and the support team makes sure you always know what to do next to get more jobs and increase your income."

Job seekers who want to know how to become a social media manager can reach out to Jambrich to benefit and glean from all his years as an online marketing expert, apply tried-and-tested strategies, and increase their chances of gaining high-paying roles.

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