Meet the Integrative Nutrition Health Coach on a Mission to Help Health Coaches Build Sustainable Businesses

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Brynn Gestewitz started her journey to wellness after experiencing a sudden transformation in her health following the birth of her two children. After months of struggling with her weight and hormones, her breakthrough came with the realization that the body, in the right conditions, has the ability to heal itself from the inside out.

Her newfound respect for the body's natural capacity to recuperate and her passion for helping people from all walks of life experience wellness drove her to start her integrative nutrition health business. She earned her integrative nutrition health coach and gut health course certificates from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Gestewitz is also a certified international health coach of the International Association for Health Coaches.

It was only a matter of time before people sought her out for help and signed up for wellness programs. Her success in helping people on their path to physical well-being prompted her health coach colleagues to seek advice on how to run the business successfully.

Just a year after launching her career as an integrative nutrition health coach, she found herself accommodating fellow health coaches for consultancy. It was a transition that benefited not only her colleagues but also her mission to improve the global population's health. For Gestewitz, it was as if her personal experiences and extensive educational background in business were all built for this mission of helping health coaches build sustainable businesses.

It wasn't all sunshine and roses for Gestewitz. The market for business coaches was overly saturated, and she needed to stand out. "Trying to stand out is a matter of endurance; the longer you can continue showing you know your stuff by giving people really valuable content and fostering a real relationship with your prospective clients, the more likely you are to win their confidence in the process," says Gestewitz.

Her persistence seems to have paid off since just a couple of months into business consultancy, Gestewitz has already maintained a steady growth of enrollment month after month. Maintaining this influx of clients, she projects hitting hundreds of thousands of dollars in total revenue by the end of the year.

Gestewitz helps her clients become credible leaders in their field through paid ad strategies, publicity, media exposure, and publications. When asked what sets her apart from other business consultants, Gestewitz says, "I know exactly what it's like to have my own health coaching business. I know what it feels like to struggle, and I have eliminated as much of that struggle as humanly possible. While starting a business is never without challenges, I have made the conscious choice to provide several services for the things that tend to create the most stress and anxiety for my clients."

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