Lyf Support is Helping People With Their Mental Health

As everyone grapples with the pandemic, another, less visible epidemic quietly unfolds--an increase in mental health conditions. If the past year has taught the world anything, it's that unprecedented times require unprecedented solutions.

When it comes to an increased need for mental health treatment, online therapy has emerged as a winning option.

This consists of services provided via the internet and telecommunication technologies like video conferencing, phone calls, and now even text.

Like conventional therapy, teletherapy is conducted by a licensed and certified therapist or mental health professional, but it has the added advantage of being flexible and can often be delivered faster.

Lyf Support is an app that has been changing the face of therapy by making sure that people get the mental health support they need when they need it.

Unlike traditional therapies, Lyf Support offers 24/7 text-based chat to users. It allows clients to connect with a licensed therapist from the comfort of their homes to experience the most convenient and affordable way to improve their mental health. Each session lasts 30 minutes but can be extended.

Their app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play. You can also visit their website, With the tap of a button, anyone can start a session with a therapist.

Eddie Wittenberg, the founder of Lyf Support, realized that timeliness is everything when it comes to helping people with mental health issues. Mental health problems occur at all hours and often require instant attention. Anxiety, depression, low mood, self-harm - none of these conditions can afford to wait weeks to be treated. He created Lyf Support, an app that would give people what Wittenberg knew he wanted and needed during his own struggles but wasn't technologically possible at the time.

"In the middle of my insomnia, it was great to have a chat with someone who was able to listen to me and provide a compassionate response," says a Lyf Support client called 'Nikki'. "This actually helped me to relax and calm myself down enough to get some sleep."

'Nikki' found that the text option was not only fast, but it meant that she was more likely to open up faster than in face-to-face consultations.

"This app is the only one I've found that lets you text someone immediately," she says. "They were also very caring and helpful - a real human connection at 4 am! And the price is very reasonable. Lyf Support is part of my mental health arsenal from now on!"

Other than 'Nikki', clients like 'Lacey' are also happy to have Lyf Support available at any time of the day. "You get to talk to a pro when you need it, not on some future date in a schedule. So easy and useful. This is what the internet has been missing. Thank you!"

Wittenberg says that having online therapy will ultimately allow them to help more people like 'Nikki'.

"Considering the flexibility and access to online therapy, I believe more clients will be able to receive this type of service that will help save the lives of many people needing mental health support."

Lyf Support

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