Leading outsourcing firm Bruntwork is planning to invest in a metaverse with MetaSpark

Outsourcing firm Bruntwork said on Friday it is planning to invest in a VR digital experience MetaSpark due to its groundbreaking release plans this year. Bruntwork is regarded as one of the best in the industry at outsourcing and digital marketing.

Bruntwork COO, Adam Pisk, noted that "the plan is the result of the company's commitment to invest in an asset that we deeply care about and believe will provide a good return on investment."

According to a 2020 survey from the Pew Research Center, women aged 18 to 34 who have used online dating sites or apps are far more likely than men the same age to say someone continued to contact them after they said they were not interested. Women also report being called offensive names or threatened with physical violence. While in the US, Phactual reported a survey that showed 1 in 10 men on dating apps is on the US sex offender register.

Pisk said, "MetaSpark will provide holistic solutions and cater to people's needs in the digital era. It will serve as a pioneer in creating the foundational dating hub for the next wave of the internet, and we believe that it will meet compliance and regulatory standards in this digital era."

A new company, MetaSpark, aims to make online dating safer for women, by allowing them to meet their date in the simulated digital environment.

"It gives women a chance to feel out their dates before risking their safety, gives introverts a chance to meet new people in the comfort of their own home and you can even change your appearance to let you put your best foot forward and get your date to focus on your personality before your looks," says the MetaSpark team.

While you can customise your avatar, MetaSpark is the first VR dating system to use face-tracking software so you can choose to look as lifelike as possible. Users are also encouraged to link their Instagram profile to their MetaSpark bio for added security and reality. The platform is also heavily moderated to ward against catfishing.

Entering the digital dating hub, the SparkHUD, technology highlights compatible matches on the platform: including any communities and NFTs you have in common, gender, age, orientation, location, future goals and similar interests. The "Your Sparkle" score is determined by your preferences, which drives match strength.

"Members can book romantic dates with compatible matches. The beach, movies, party houses, restaurants, bars, and clubs are all location options," says the team. "MetaSpark gives you access to an amazing VR digital experience where you can reinvent your identity, meet the person of your dreams, or have meaningful experiences with those closest to you."

MetaSpark also offers SparkleClub VIP NFTs with exclusive membership benefits including early access to new MetaSpark features and the dating platform, VIP-only maps and experiences, exclusive MetaSpark merch and members-only giveaways, contests, and events.

"Of course, safety and privacy are paramount and MetaSpark has extensive moderation and blocking restrictions that can be brought into play for any problematic Sparkers," adds the spokesperson. "But the real goal of MetaSpark is to bring people together in ways they could never imagine."

Simon Greene

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