Kodicoin: What's next in the defi world

Kodi Coin (Kodi) is a cryptocurrency coin launched on the Binance Smart Chain network in October 2021. Kodicoin is currently working on a number of initiatives. Its goal is to create a one-stop IDO platform and an interactive Entertainment Network for bitcoin investors to keep them engaged, educated, and entertained as they invest.

The token levies an 11 percent cost on buy-and-sell transactions and a 3% fee on BNB reflections, which are redistributed (or reflected) to token holders with more than 5 million Kodi tokens. 2 percent to the wage pool; 2 percent to the buyback utility pool, which provides for ongoing purchasing pressure and burning; 1% to the liquidity pool; and 3% to the marketing division, which will allow Kodi Coin to continue to reinvest.

When Kodi Coin first introduced its prior coin, Kodiak, it ran into problems with its smart contract. The contract caused a backlog in the BNB rewards distribution since the Gnosis multi-sig wallet utilized for the marketing monies malfunctioned. Despite the fact that the problem was rectified within 24 hours, the momentum required to maintain buying pressure was lost. After much debate, the project team decided that snapping current holders and migrating to a new contract was the best choice. The project was renamed Kodi Coin by the developers.

Kodi Coin was founded by a group of people with diverse professional experiences. It was funded through a DxSale initial coin offering (ICO), with Liquidity Locked for at least a year. Brewlabs and Dessert Finance audited the team prior to the token launch. With government-issued IDs, all five members of the core team have passed a KYC through both firms. For its previous contract, a CertiK Audit was conducted, and a new one is currently underway. On or before April 2022, the final report is expected.

Following its introduction, Kodi Coin was listed on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap. PancakeSwap presently has it available for purchase. $KODI is the native cryptocurrency of Kodi Coin.

Staking contracts for Kodi Coin were created in collaboration with Brewlabs. $KODI staking reflections have a variable APR. There is no requirement to bet a certain amount.

As only a few companies in the market, Kodi has shown its willingness to change with the times. With so many unique utilities already ingrained in the Kodi environment, a successful IDO platform in CookieSale might be just what they need to break into the BSC elite.

Mica Smith
Senior Journalist

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