Kale My Name Wins 2022 Veggie Award

The leading plant-based media brand globally, VegNews, has officially revealed thatKale My Name is the 2022 Veggie Award winner for Best Vegan Casual Restaurant. More than 2 million votes were cast in 57 categories for the 22nd Annual Veggie Awards, ranging from Best Vegan Cheese, Ice Cream, and Meat to Favorite Vegan Celebrity, Athlete, and Social Media Star. The Annual Veggie Awards is the world's most extensive survey of vegan goods, persons, and locations.

VegNews, founded in 2000, is the most prominent vegan media brand globally. Readers like VegNews, which reaches millions of people each month across its print, digital, and social channels and has received virtually every major industry award. Every issue of VegNews, the nation's best-selling plant-based magazine, is filled with the most cutting-edge vegan lifestyle content, from cuisine and fashion to travel and celebrity interviews. VegNews publishes, in addition to its flagship newspaper, websites, recipes, and even overseas vacations.

With headquarters in Los Angeles and Northern California and a global staff of reporters, VegNews provides unrivaled coverage of the plant-based world. The VegNews staff is knowledgeable, seasoned, and has lived the vegan lifestyle for decades. And this year, it's recognizingKale My Name and putting it on the front pages for the world to see.

Let's get to know Kale My Name and why it's worth visiting by going back to where it all began--with Neman Gulobovic. Nemanja Golubovic was born in Montenegro and raised there, and in Mexico, he earned a degree in public relations. Before moving to the United States in January 2015, Golubovic knew four languages and had lived and worked in many countries.

When he arrived in the United States, Golubovic began working in the restaurant sector as a host before becoming a waiter and bartender. Due to his devotion and perseverance, he was promoted to floor manager and then to general manager of a trendy restaurant downtown Chicago.

Eventually, Golubovic was inspired to open his restaurant to provide vegans with the most delectable plant-based dishes. He'd refer to it as Kale My Name. In his business strategy, Golubovic anticipated daily sales of $200 to $300 when his restaurant initially debuted in Chicago in April 2020.

However, after two years of operation, Kale My Name has generated over $4 million in revenue, making it one of the most popular vegan eateries in the United States. On their first weekend, Kale My Name consumed more than 500 to-go bags, which Nemanja had initially bought to expect to last three months.

Since it started offering its highly rated plant-based cuisine, Kale My Name has gotten countless five-star ratings on Yelp, Google, Facebook, and GrubHub. They earned their first nominations for Best Vegan Restaurant and Best Soup in Chicago from the Chicago Reader. Here's why Kale My Name has stayed at the top of its game: mastering the basics of being a great restaurant.

A decent restaurant establishes a high standard for the quality of its meals and guarantees that each meal is of the same calibre. Serving high-quality meals may give your company a positive reputation and encourage customers to return. Serving consistently delicious meals requires high-quality ingredients and an expert chef. A competent chef knows the demands of the visitors and collaborates well with the kitchen staff to guarantee that customers always get their meals as requested.

According to The Restaurant Times, one of the fundamental features of a successful restaurant is a great customer experience. The employees that engage with your visitors should be polite and upbeat. Servers should be well-versed in the menu, bring customers' meals and beverages on schedule, and resolve any complaints immediately. The whole team is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the restaurant at all times, including the kitchen, food preparation spaces, and all guest-accessible areas.

Nemanja knows that managing a very successful restaurant demands paying close attention to various aspects, each of which contributes to a thriving company. Priority should be given to getting the fundamentals of food quality, service, and pricing correct, followed by continual efforts to increase overall standards. And this is why Kale My Name is simply one of the best.

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