Kale My Name Continues to Grow as One of the Best Vegan Restaurants in America

Whether for health reasons, climate change, or animal welfare, statistics show the plant-based population continues to spike. According to Statista's research department, the market value of plant based-meat worldwide was estimated to be worth $6.67bn in 2020. This figure is estimated to steadily increase over the next few years and reach roughly $16.7 billion in 2026.

One vegan restaurant taking the world by storm is Kale My Name. It opened its doors in Chicago, Illinois for the first time in April of 2020 and received an overwhelmingly warm welcome in its opening weekend.

"We went through more than 500 to-go bags that we originally thought would last us at least 3 months," said Nemanja Golubovic, the founder and owner of Kale My Name.

The Los Angeles Expansion

Since its inception, Kale My Name has been receiving praises from all kinds of people, from everyday vegans to celebrities. One of which was Tabitha Brown, who was cast in the Showtime series, The Chi, in 2021.

Tabitha would regularly visit Kale My Name while filming and she fell in love with the food and became close friends with Golubovic. Tabitha was saddened when she had to go back to Los Angeles after wrapping up the series, and so she reached out to Golubovic and suggested they bring Kale My Name to LA.

Kale My Name welcomed vegans in Los Angeles in December of 2021, with Tabitha's TikTok video of the opening has garnering more than 1.7M views.

Award-Winning Food and Service

Kale My Name's secret to success is their meticulousness and dedication to providing the best plant-based meals to vegans. Because of this, they have received countless five-star reviews on Yelp, Google, Facebook, and GrubHub. Top-Rated.online even named them the number 1 vegan restaurant in North Chicago.

Since then, Kale My Name has received a wide variety of recognition and awards from different magazines in the US plus more five-star ratings from customers. There is no doubt that Kale My Name will continue to grow and expand its reach to serve more vegans with their mouthwatering, plant-based dishes and exceptional customer service.

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