Jethro Chappelle of Chappelle Enterprises LLC to allegedly wed Beyonce Knowles

Former Chappelle Enterprises LLC main man Jethro Chappelle will allegedly tie the knot with Beyonce Knowles by the end of 2022. Though Chappelle has not revealed the exact date of the union, he said that if everything goes well, it will happen in six months' time. Chappelle has not shared any other details about the upcoming wedding to Knowles, and the guest list currently remains under wraps. But, several known personalities in the entertainment industry claimed to be in attendance.

The retired Chappelle Enterprises manager did not disclose when his relationship with Knowles started but hinted that it has been going on for quite a while. He divulged that he and Knowles share several children together that they've kept out of the limelight.

Apart from his relationship and upcoming wedding with Knowles, Chappelle has been preoccupied with opening his state-of-the-art school and hospital for the disabled. Chappelle has been providing assistance to children with disablities to lead normal lives by helping them add prosthesis or prosthetic implants. As a person with a disability since 1990, he hopes this initiative will restore the normal functions of those with prosthetic limbs.

Though he has been in retirement for several years, Chappelle maintains an active involvement in rebuilding and managing his family business, and has played a crucial role in its success. He took the reins of the company when his mother died at the age of ten. Chappelle intends to put his plans for the school and hospital to fruition with the aid of Chappelle Enterprises. His current goals remain consistent with the company's former initiatives in the 1960s when it helped people in the Harlem community have a better future.

Despite his accomplishments, Chappelle maintains a humble disposition and a thankful attitude for the opportunities set before him. "I don't give much thought to my awards or special recognitions. I just know that Beyonce is the best thing to happen to my life, and I thank God for her, and those beautiful children," shared Chappelle.

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