It's Aurelea's world, and we're just living in it

As soon as you hear the name Aurelea, it's hard to forget it.

With 2022 well into its swing, multi award winning actress Aurelea has already made the most of what opportunities the year has had to offer her.

The New York City based actress, originally hailing from Melbourne, Australia has had immeasurable success over the last year in both her work in theatre and film and she's acted opposite some of today's most reputable screen talents. Although her career has spanned more than 10 years with credits such as The Conference of the Birds and Sharon & The Sewing Circle, 2022 has really been her year.

Her most successful film to date is Hard Plastic by director Katrina Villarreal. The film won Best Silent Film at the Cult Critic Movie Awards and Aurelea won the Best Actress Award at both the Halicarnassus Film Festival and Birsamunda International Festival of Film and was nominated for Best Actress at the Silk Road Film Award Cannes and the American Golden Picture International Film Festival. Hard Plastic is currently nominated in multiple categories at the First-Time Filmmaker Sessions Festival at Pinewood studios in London as well as in circulation at several other international film festivals.

The actress began the year performing in wounded, the new play by acclaimed playwright Sophie McIntosh. The play was performed as part of the highly selective Winter One-Act festival at the Chain Theatre in the heart of Broadway. Anyone lucky enough to catch the final performance of wounded in February, which was live-streamed internationally, would have been impressed. The play was extremely moving and a fresh breath of air in its modern but non-abrasive writing style.

Aurelea herself provided a gripping and heart-wrenching performance in the role of '01, the victim of a hate crime for being an openly gay woman. wounded was Aurelea's first queer role in theatre and as a queer woman, she has said that she "intends to bring as many queer characters to life on both stage and screen as she possibly can. Providing a safe and collaborative space for queer artists to showcase their work is something I am extremely passionate about and the project is well in the works already".

Following up on the success of wounded, Aurelea was quickly snatched back up by renowned New York City Shakespearean theatre company Stag & Lion to play Ariel in their production of The Tempest. They enjoyed a sold out run of the show at the Trinity Theatre in Midtown and the production, as well as Aurelea's performance were hailed as one of the most exciting and imaginative that Stag & Lion had ever put forth.

Whilst Aurelea was starring Off-Broadway, she also managed to nab coveted roles in several indie films. The most notable being murderous teenager Treasure in Jibril Haynes' new film A Good Accident, set for release on Amazon Prime and other streaming services in late 2022.

Even more exciting are Aurelea's upcoming projects.

Being able to chat with her after the wounded performance, she shared that she has been cast in the lead role of a new Black-Ops Television Series, set to hit streaming services in early 2023. Aurelea is playing Belgian special ops agent 'Heidi Delacroix'. The Pilot episode has already been filmed and press releases naming her, as well as the rest cast and creatives have already been released worldwide.

As well as the new series, Aurelea will star in two new films, the first of which is the highly anticipated LeBlanc, by award winning director McGregory Frederique. The second film remains untitled as of yet but is directed by John Petsche of The Wolf of Wall Street.

Later in the year, Aurelea is set to reprise her collaboration with the Stag & Lion Theatre company in their production of William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, performing at the Trinity Theatre. Aurelea will work once again with director Joshua Koehn and venerated actress, director and producer Chelsea LeSage, co-founder of both CL Squared and Golden Grand Piano Productions.


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