Is Moody Mink Society a Legitimate NFT Project?

NFTs continue to generate interest from both the art world and crypto communities. Collectors are ready to pay a premium for high-quality NFTs, usually jumping on the whitelist or VIP list of new campaigns that are just getting off the ground. One of the projects to get in on right now is the Moody Mink Society. Before you pitch in your ETH though, it is important to ask: Is Moody Mink Society a legitimate NFT project?

An NFT Drop With A Cause

The Moody Mink Society is a one-of-a-kind crypto project that stands out from the crowd due to its commitment and dedication to an important cause. This collection's purpose is to bring mental health to the forefront of the Metaverse and schools across America while also putting an end to the global sale of fur.

Because of this, the Moody Mink Society has created a groundswell of buzz on the internet. They now have an expanding community of NFT and crypto aficionados, with thousands of social media followers and an active Discord server.

More Than Just Unique Art

Each NFT will come with a slew of exciting innovations for its members. Aside from having possession of a unique piece, ??Mink holders will have complete access to the Metaverse's first META-tation center. It will hold a wide variety of personal development and mental health workshops hosted by professionals.

Headed by Dr. Lisa Cortez, The Anxiety Dr., the project team is committed to giving back to society and its supporters. They will be partnering with mental health-related initiatives, nonprofit organizations fighting against animal cruelty, and other female-driven NFT projects.

Joining the Metaverse Soon

Riding the blockchain technology wave, the Moody Mink Society is set to join the Metaverse this 2022, pledging to release 7,777 Moody Mink pieces within this year. They keep their supporters updated on the project via their Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Discord.

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